The $8.3m Lamborghini Veneno is the most expensive Lambo and one of the rarest cars in the world
Iconic Lamborghini Countach from 'Wolf of Wall Street' had a bid of $1.35m but didn’t sell
Lamborghini MTI 48 "Raging Bull" powerboat reaches exhilarating top speed on camera
Conor McGregor shows off inside of jaw-dropping $2.7 million Lamborghini superyacht


Shaquille O'Neal shares what he has to do to fit into Ferarris and Lamborghinis
According to the former basketball professional, it's the "only time I...
This is the only Lamborghini V12 Vision GT ever made and it's breathtaking
You're not going to want to miss this.
Lucky owner gives first look at 1-of-1 Lamborghini Autentica
Its new owner must've been stoked.
The ultra-rare $2.9m Lamborghini Sesto Elemento will never be seen in the US for one reason
It's notoriously hard to see one in the metal.
Man is offering six-figure reward for helping him find these missing Lambos
They're both special, but for entirely different reasons.
Lamborghini’s new V12 Hypercar comes with high six-figure price tag, even without added extras
Best to start saving stat.
Conor McGregor shows off inside of jaw-dropping $2.7 million Lamborghini superyacht
It really does look like a supercar on water.
Shaq had to make one $600k change to his Lamborghini before he was able to drive it
This is probably one of the most expensive Gallardos ever.
Lamborghini’s new Revuelto supercar is the most powerful plug-in hybrid available to buy
The Lamborghini Revuelto is the fastest raging bull ever.
This is what the new Lamborghini Lanzador looks like in the metal
This car is stacked with incredible features. Not only does it have an...
Watch as Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato catches some serious air
YouTuber Mark McCann truly put his Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato through...
This custom Lamborghini is as far from 'stock' as you can possibly imagine
"Yes, officer, this is 100 percent stock"
This Lamborghini Aventador replica is secretly a Pontiac GTO
The Lamborghini Aventador replica may have completely bespoke bodywork...
Someone just turned their Lamborghini Urus into a 6x6
Some vehicles make good donors for 6x6 conversions and some unfortunately...
Customizer transforms 7-figure Lamborghini by covering it in 1,350,000 Swarovski crystals
The diamond-studded Lamborghini Aventador isn't Shinichi Morohoshi's only...
Introducing the Lamborghini Lanzador, the brand's first all-electric car
Futuristic interior, two electric units and improved aerodynamics, the...
Custom shop creates crazy Lamborghini Aventador mash-up out of Toyota, Mitsubishi and BMW
Despite starting life as a Toyota Crown and using a mash-up of parts from...
Lamborghini Countach from The Wolf of Wall Street is going on sale
Unsurprisingly, it's expected to fetch huge money.
Twin turbo Lamborghini blasts out 10-foot flames while driving in shocking footage
The shocking footage shows the twin turbo Lamborghini - owned by a Canadian...
5 famous companies that started out as something else entirely
Did you know Lamborghini started out selling tractors and Samsung was a...
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