'Stormy Knight' is a $250k supercar-inspired jet ski for the mega-rich
Drake buys $15m ranch that looks like somebody brought a French village to Texas
Man wins brand new supertruck but smoke comes from under the hood during first drive
Project Omnia is a van converted into a motorhome like none you've ever seen before


Man who took 'most-viewed photo ever' explains the process behind it
You will recognize the image immediately
Ancient Mayan city 'impossible to find' has been discovered in jungle
Turns out these people really liked to play ball sports
Dubai has its own version of Uber exclusively for millionaires to ride in luxury
This luxury on-demand chauffeur service is aimed at Dubai's millionaires
Abandoned European airport still has planes waiting for takeoff on the runway
From airport to battlefield to ghost town
Incredible footage shows dad sending message from his boat to daughter leaving on a plane
It's simultaneously wholesome and a huge flex
This single feather was sold for $28,000
There's something special about it
Jeff Bezos' private jet hangar is predictably full of the most extra planes available
How many private jets are too many private jets?
Saudi Crown Prince constructing the world's largest temperature-controlled gardens near Riyadh
For a sustainable future
Kevin Hart spotted casually driving a Ferrari 812 Competizione through Hollywood
Everyone loves a Ferrari
NEOM City canceled its first project costing $1.5 billion
Is the project being scaled back or not?
Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower will soon be the world's tallest skyscraper
Quite a record to break
Billionaire who's New York's eighth richest woman is virtually unknown but has an inspiring story
With a net worth of $3.2 billion
Man finds rare 1982 Corvette abandoned in a barn for 42 years
It's always the rare cars
Balenciaga and Mercedes AMG have a luxury mask called the Infinity Face Shield
Luxurious mask with a hefty price
This solar-powered CyberTrailer camper attachment is inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck
It is made for the Cybertruck
Residents of this town in California park airplanes in front of their houses instead of cars
Would you like to live in an town like this?
Meta's chief AI scientist predicts smartphones will be obsolete within 10-15 years
AI is coming for your smartphone
World's largest cruise company announces 100% of its ships now equipped with Starlink
High-speed internet in the ocean
Woman who dropped phone down Grand Canyon while recording captured hikers recovering it
That's an angle of the Grand Canyon we've never seen before
Romanian billionaire, who owns one of Europe's largest car collections, forgot he owned a Ferrari F40
He forgot about an unforgettable car
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