Liquid-hydrogen-powered plane would fly from the UK to the US without refueling
This entire 30,000 ton Chinese building was rotated 90 degrees in unprecedented project
Earth hit by extremely powerful cosmic ray but no one knows where it came from
Michael Jordan's $50 million mansion falls $14 million in price despite being one of the best in the world


Michael Jordan's mansion is down 50% in value while on sale despite coming with amazing free gifts
In fact, the freebies could be what's making this such a hard sell.
Conor McGregor shows off inside of jaw-dropping $2.7 million Lamborghini superyacht
It really does look like a supercar on water.
$2m McLaren Senna that was hoisted into a multimillionaire's penthouse is now the world's most beautiful 'decoration'
The owner just posted photos of the hypercar in its new home, and it's...
Man discovers very strange find while scuba diving in the river
This turned out to be a total train wreck... Literally.
Man collects pennies for 45 years before cashing in unbelievable amount
Those are some unique looking piggy banks.
Driver manages to squeeze car out from the tightest parking spot possible in expert feat
They're just little love taps.
Look at what the man who urged people to buy $1 of Bitcoin in 2013 is doing now
It turned out to be a savvy investment.
Bugatti unveils Christmas gift options including speakers worth $450,000
Invest in in the brand's craftsmanship and technology whatever your. budget.
Video of deep-sea diving dog goes viral
The dog looks a bit baffled, but overall happy.
Portugal has run on 100% renewable energy for 6 days straight
Portugal is leading the world race to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.
NASA sent one identical twin to space for a year to see how he'd change
After spending 340 days in space, Scott Kelly is no longer 'identical'...
Earth just received a laser-beamed message from 16 million kilometers away
This could be a game-changer for spacecraft communication.
Photo man posted ended up unintentionally breaking people’s Android phones worldwide
The image caused Android phones around the world to crash.
Tool bag dropped in space is orbiting Earth at 17,000mph and will be visible this week
You can see it this week.
SpaceX launches most powerful rocket in the world to success... and then failure
No big deal, it's just a rocket exploding.
Helicopter seen frantically refueling mid-air and no one can understand what's happening
The pilots definitely deserve a raise.
World's thinnest apartment building makes you wonder how people live there
End to end, it's basically as wide as someone who's 5'9''.
Fishermen find container floating in sea and open it up to find most unbelievable cargo
A haul Jack Sparrow would be proud of.
Elon Musk announces major update to X after it loses $25 billion
Musk can't cut a break with X at the minute.
Jim Carrey's private jet is a gamer's dream
Jim Carrey may love flying under the radar, but his jet doesn't.
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