Chinese man invented a bed car to prolong his sleep
World’s longest bridge stretches 102.4 miles and links two major cities
Wheelbarrow holds a new land speed record
113-year-old landmark in Death Valley ruined by off-roader winching themself free


Creator of FarmVille is now so rich he's just spent $70 million on a stunning superyacht
A new superyacht is in town
A couple purchased an entire US town with gas station for $360,000
The town went up for sale on eBay
The Rolls-Royce Regatta is a yacht-inspired Wraith that never made it past design
The perfect duo, or trio
Scientists develop wearable robotic 'third thumb' to increase range of movement
It's all about convenience
The world of private jets: types, costs, and ownership options
So many to choose from
Time-lapse shows Jacksonville Jaguars owner’s 400-foot-long superyacht being built from scratch
It's a tedious task
Sylvester Stallone owned the most complicated watch in the world and sold it for $5.4 million
Luxury at its peak
Denver International Airport's decades-long history of bizarre conspiracy theories
From aliens to secret organizations
Man who spends 300 days a year on cruise shares secret to living on ship affordably
Being brand loyal is crucial
Remote Amazon tribe get internet via Starlink and complain kids are addicted to social media
They've taken an interesting approach to online safety
Kilometer-tall skyscrapers that double as huge batteries to be created 
This could be the future of tall buildings
Man who's lived on cruise ship for 23 years reveals true cost of living there full-time
He's shared what it actually costs to live such an unusual lifestyle
Man claims to have found evidence of a ‘nuke town’ near Area 51 after looking on Google Earth
With multiple craters
Son heartwarmingly surprises dad on his 70th birthday with Mini Cooper
Now, that's a thoughtful gift
Man who stared longingly at supercars finally gets his dream ride in a Lamborghini
His dream came true
Volvo 240 turned into campervan by someone putting a Saab on top of it
'The Almost Perfect Swedish Camper'
Man spent six years secretly working on a 'mountaintop mansion’ on top of a skyscraper
Hiding in plain sight
The Walkcar is a tiny laptop-sized personal electric vehicle
It's been dubbed the 'car in a bag'
Couple sold everything to set sail on 'endless cruise'
Their floating apartment comes with 24/7 room service
Expert claims to have found the plane that's been lost for 53 years in a lake
Missing since 1971
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