Man returns home to land he bought in 1991 to find a $1.5 million house on it
This ultra-unique $218m Florida mega-mansion is on its own private island
Michael Jordan's $50 million mansion falls $14 million in price despite being one of the best in the world
Michael Jordan's mansion is down 50% in value while on sale despite coming with amazing free gifts


Inside jaw-dropping castle design for Conor McGregor featuring supercar garage
AI architects have designed a home fit for the king of the MMA ring: Conor...
IShowSpeed buys new $10 million mansion aged just 18
Let's hope he doesn't burn this one down like he nearly did with his last...
Inside incredible concept for $7.5 million mega mansion in shape of a cruise ship
Floated at Melbourne's most coveted postcode, its boasts five ‘decks’ and...
Take a look inside the world's most expensive house
There is a miniature Indian palace in the garden.
Tyson Fury's extravagant hometown mansion has its own thrones and 'Gypsy King' driveway
It features couple’s thrones, Versace curtains and a ‘Gypsy King’ driveway.
Inside the incredible $170m concept house designed for Ronaldo
Do you think there are enough treadmills in that home gym?
Photos show MLB star Manny Machado's outrageous $10,000,000 mansion that defies belief
No doubt Manny chills out in the infinity pool after a game.
Lionel Messi outbids streamer Adin Ross for extremely expensive Miami mansion
The streamer went head-to-head with the footballer, and lost.
This $387m Monaco penthouse is the most expensive in the world and it’s easy to see why
There's a very good reason why it can't find a buyer, though.
Canada's most-viewed house is on sale for $14.4m and has a 95-car garage, 11 bathrooms and glass elevator
The garage is nearly as large as the house.
Inside the luxurious life of 'world's youngest billionaire' who owns a Bentley, private jet, and mansion aged just 10
His title has been up for considerable debate.
Jeff Bezos buys $79 million home on 'Billionaire Bunker' in Miami
He bought a neighbouring estate for $68 million two months ago.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck show off their new luxurious $60 million mansion in LA
The 'Wallingford estate' sits on a 5-acre promontory, boasting 12 bedrooms...
This $20m Miami supercar-themed mansion comes with a Ferrari movie theater and a Lamborghini pool
That's got to be the first time a Huracan has been used in a water feature.
The abandoned 52-room mansion of Mike Tyson was converted into something very unexpected
The $2.9m property has been given a new lease of life.
Jennifer Lopez sells her lavish mansion for $34 million and you won't believe the inside
We need to know if we can buy tickets to her outdoor concert venue.
Michael Jordan's mansion is down 50% in value while on sale despite coming with amazing free gifts
In fact, the freebies could be what's making this such a hard sell.
Billionaire is building himself the world's most expensive home
The sprawling $1 billion, 20-acre mega-estate is set to take luxury to...
The exclusive 'mansion in the sky' where a load of celebs have lived in LA
We need to see how they got a piano that big to the 35th floor.
First images show Travis Kelce's new luxury $6m mansion to hide away with Taylor Swift
Now the paparazzi will have to traverse a forest and private golf course...
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