Earth's rarest and most expensive metal costs $14,000 per ounce, but isn't gold or platinum
Multi-million dollar bulletproof Karlmann King is the most outrageous SUV in the world
The world's most expensive camera sells for $15 million
Most expensive Bugatti in the world: La Voiture Noire costs more than $18 million

Most Expensive

The 'world's fastest and most expensive' jet ski is a $900,000 hypercar for the ocean
It maxes out at 120km/h, and is made of carbon and Kevlar!
Ultra-rare $3.9 million Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is up for auction - and the bidding war is insane
Here's your chance to own just one of 60 Pur Sports ever made.
Mercedes sold the most expensive car in the world to a secret buyer for eye-watering amount
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Super-rare $5.36m Ferrari is the most expensive car EVER sold online
There's only 210 of these in the world and to buy one you had to already...
Iconic Marilyn Monroe painting sells for unbelievable $195 million
It's the most expensive 20th century artwork to sell at auction.
Diego Maradona's jersey worn during 'Hand of God' goal sells for record $9.3 million
The shirt was worn when Maradona scored two of the most famous goals in...
Huge and ultra-rare blue diamond sells for $57.5 million
It's the third priciest diamond of any color ever sold at auction.
History Supreme mystery: 'Most expensive yacht in the world' costs $4.8b but nobody has seen it
Is all as it seems?
The most expensive mansion in Dubai just sold for $76.2 million
It has 10 bedrooms, its own hair salon and an indoor swimming pool.
This Talbot-Lago is the most expensive French car ever sold and it looks like a teardrop
It smashed the predicted sale price of $10 million.
Logan Paul buys 'world's rarest' Pokémon card for $5.3 million, sets new record
The Pikachu Pokémon card came in a $80,000 custom diamond pendant.
Most expensive art ever sold - and how they compare to the priciest NFTs
One Da Vinci piece cost the buyer $450 million!
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