Airbnb introduces spectacular real-life Up house hanging from crane
Most iconic flying cars in movies and pop culture: from science fiction to reality
Unveiling one of only three 1997 BMW 750iL kitted out for James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies
Unbelievable tech filmmakers use to shoot car scenes today


Top Gun actors extreme training behind the scenes
It looks pretty grueling.
Driving the original cars from the Fast & Furious movie series
Feast your eyes on a few pieces of cinematic history and movie magic.
This real-life Batmobile is every movie fan's dream
This real life Batmobile must really turn heads on the streets.
The $2,000,000 Mustang Eleanor driven by Nicolas Cage
This $2,000,000 Mustang Eleanor has a famous past.
The incredible technology behind the Jurassic Park dinosaurs
The Jurassic Park dinosaurs have always been at the forefront of animatronic...
Elon Musk speaks out about apocalyptic Tesla moment in Netflix movie
Musk took it on the chin, and he actually used this scene to further beat...
The iconic backstory behind the original 'Fast And Furious' Toyota Supra
Who knew owning a famous car could be so stressful?
Adam Driver wasn't allowed to drive a Ferrari in his 'Ferrari' movie
Driver wasn't allowed to drive a Ferrari, as it turns out. But his co-star...
Matt Damon regrets turning down 'highest amount of money any actor would have received for a role'
It was a big role and it would have been the biggest payday in Hollywood....
Actor who voiced Simba in The Lion King risked it all by turning down $2 million pay day for his role
A bold move, but one that ultimately paid off.
The Rock's Fast and Furious salary was bigger than Jason Statham's and Idris Elba's combined
Dwayne Johnson's agent is the real MVP here.
This man created his very own DIY Batmobile and it's absolutely epic
The attention to detail is incredible.
Shrek's swamp house has just been recreated in real-life
The muddy, moss-covered replica is nestled in the rolling hills of Scotland...
Tom Hanks is so desperate to go to space he's willing "to do whatever it takes" to get there
"I'll serve the food. I'll fold the clothes if necessary."
Christopher Nolan made a huge amount from Oppenheimer for striking this brilliant deal
Nolan clearly knew he had a hit film on his hands.
Elon Musk revealed as secret buyer of this iconic James Bond movie car
It was an excellent buy for Musk, but an even better deal for the sellers....
This is why Adam Driver wasn’t allowed to actually drive a Ferrari while filming ‘Ferrari’
Driver wasn't allowed to drive a Ferrari, as it turns out. But his co-star...
First trailer for ‘Ferrari’ has landed with Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari
The movie will portray Ferrari's founder in a totally different light.
Barbie surpasses Harry Potter's Warner Bros box office record by mind-boggling amount
In the five weeks since its release, Barbie has surpassed the eighth Harry...
Elon Musk is now building a Tesla drive-in diner and movie theater
The Tesla diner will have 32 supercharger stalls, a restaurant with rooftop...
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