This monster 8x8 Shaman truck can drive in the ocean
The Audi AI Trail with five drones is the future of off-roading
World's biggest monster truck has four bedrooms and a bathroom
The Cannon CyberP!ckup 6x6 looks absolutely lethal


Double-wide Jeep Wrangler is one Jeep for the price of two
This isn't your average modified Wrangler – the double-wide Jeep Wrangler...
The Twisted TVE is a Land Rover Defender, but not as we know it
This Defender leaves a carbon footprint a Toyota Prius could only dream...
This Mercedes-Benz G63 6x6 Mansory Gronos is up for auction
The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 Mansory Gronos is a commanding and bespoke...
Behind the wheel of the $1.6 million Prodrive Hunter
Once created for the toughest motorsport race in the world, you can now...
Dacia's new off-road concept is designed to be cleaned inside with a pressure washer
The vehicle is entirely waterproof, and its seat covers turn into sleeping...
Volkswagen wants to build an 'XTREME' off-road EV with 3D printed parts
It packs 382hp and an impressive 580km of range.
Divers race to rescue modified Ford F-150 that fell through the ice in Canada
It took a team of divers and a helicopter to recover the vehicle.
Ford is celebrating the original Bronco with its new Heritage Edition
These new Heritage Edition models are throwing it back to 1966.
Lamborghini's first off-road supercar is finally here
The Lamborghini Huracan has been jacked up to become the Sterrato.
This is the Huntress: the off-road concept car straight out of a sci-fi movie
Each wheel can rise and lower independently.
World's first 6x6 Rolls Royce Phantom
Exclusive! This Phantom has been transformed into a 6.3 meter long, 2.3...
Insane six-wheeled Rolls-Royce Phantom spotted at Dutch airport
Can you imagine heading off-road in this beast of a Rolls-Royce?
The Mercedes G-Wagen 4x4 Squared is back - and it's a jacked-up beast
It boasts insane off-road capability and a big V8.
These are the cool boxy 4x4s the Ineos Grenadier will have to take on
From the Defender to the new Hummer EV – these are the boxy SUVs the Grenadier...
This 8-wheel monster truck can crab walk and SWIM through the ocean
This truck was built to tackle some of the most extreme environments in...
The Rezvani Hercules could save you from the zombie apocalypse... and a nuclear attack
One of the craziest off-road trucks you will ever see.
Watch Ken Block thrash the $100K Ram 1500 TRX Sandblast Edition in the desert
What better way is there to launch an insane new 4x4 than have Ken Block...
Ford electric truck can power your house for 10 days
The Ford F-150 Lightning isn't just an electric truck – it's a generator...
The $1.58 million Prodrive Hunter is the world's first all-terrain hypercar
The Prodrive Hunter is a Dakar rally car you can drive on the streets.
Old VW Kombi campervan transformed into a TANK with tracks
This old Kombi van might just be the best off-roader to ever exist...
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