America might possess secret fastest ever jet capable of hypersonic speeds at Mach 5+
Canadian student saves money by getting to his studies by airplane to avoid rent
China designs a new plasma-powered stealth plane that looks straight out of a video game
Airbus developing supersonic plane so fast you'll blink and your journey is over


Video shows inside commercial plane that accidentally flew faster than the speed of sound
It looke like a bumpy ride.
Hyper-rich sheikh from the Middle East has converted Boeing 747 into a flying palace
It's rumored to have cost $450 million.
Incredible cockpit footage from a British Airways Concorde flight take off hailed as most awesome thing ever
It's like going back in time.
Flying-V is the next-gen futuristic aircraft that's already completed its maiden flight
The futuristic and fuel efficient airplane could one day carry passengers...
Man creates RC jet that can perform out-of-this-world manoeuvers like they’re nothing 
It can shoot fire out the back.
Man converts Lockheed Jetstar plane into the most insane Airbnb
There's an Xbox built into the cockpit.
Man owns unreal private jet villa made from a Boeing 737
Guests will be on cloud nine.
Kim Kardashian demonstrates her wealth by flaunting new Cybertruck in front of private jet
It had a $150 million private jet backdrop.
Super Bowl LVIII had Las Vegas airports busier than ever with unprecedented number of private jets
Turns out it's not just Taylor Swift...
Sugar Volt is Boeing's hybrid electric aircraft of the future with foldable wings
So it's like a Toyota Prius, just a 'tiny bit' more complicated.
Man tracking Taylor Swift's private jet who sent journey viral responds to her
The star threatened to sue.
Fastest ever single-engine aircraft unveiled by Piper
It can reach speeds of over 300 knots.
Close-up runway view of Concorde landing is the most incredible footage
It actually blows her hat off.
America's most secret airline is Area 51's 'Janet'
The secret US Air Force airline flies largely under the radar.
Watch as self-flying air taxi completes its first public flight
It's a major milestone.
Everything we know about the finding of Amelia Earhart's lost plane wreckage
If could solve an almost century-long mystery.
Air Car is the flying car with four rotatable Rolls-Royce jet engines
It can reach a top speed of 750 km/h (466 mph).
The timesavings driving Aska A5 flying car instead of ground vehicle
It can help you avoid both winding roads and traffic.
Chinese aerospace company create winged rocket concept that can fly from New York to Beijing in just one hour
In just one hour - really?
Military historian reveals the 'real secrets' of Area 51
Sadly, there are no little green men in sight.
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