Honor and Porsche join forces to create new smartphone with unique design and high price
Luxury vintage car hoisted 58 stories by crane to penthouse in Canada
Porsche's $1.5 million floating prefab home matches your car
Coveted Porsche 964 Turbo S Lightweight coming up for grabs


Top 10 coolest concept cars in 2024
These concept cars of 2024 will simply blow your mind.
Porsche's fastest car ever the Taycan Turbo GT destroys Tesla's electric lap record
It's been revealed in full, and it's terrifyingly fast.
Inside the luxurious Porsche Tower that has a supercar elevator and is home to Lionel Messi
You could call Messi one of your neighbors – if you've got $6.5 million...
Porsche will reportedly confirm Mission X electric supercar this year
A potential game changer.
16 'highly-rare' Ferraris and 6 'highly-rare' Porsches unearthed inside old warehouse
They're all special - and some of these are exceptionally rare.
The fastest Porsche 911 ever made - Turbo S
It's the sharpest 911 Turbo yet.
Elon Musk reveals the 'incredible' car he drove before starting Tesla
And it was no ordinary car.
Steve Jobs got a new identical Porsche every 6 months for decades
He was simply exploiting a loophole in a weird law.
Cristiano Ronaldo surprises his mother with Porsche on her birthday
Cristiano Ronaldo ensured his mother finished 2023 on a high.
Porsche's new active suspension system is blowing everyone away
The hydraulic suspension labell 'Active Ride' is pretty wild.
$2 billion Powerball lottery winner bought incredible car with winnings
The life-changing win allowed him to buy his dream car.
Eminem's multi-million dollar car collection shows he has a soft spot for two particular brands
And the Ferrari and Porsche models he opts for don't come cheap.
Removing just one Porsche feature makes the cars rarer and worth double
The crazy thing is, very people did it – and they're probably kicking themselves...
These two Porsches look identical but one's worth $1m more than the other
Some surprising differences put a huge gulf between their prices.
The world can't wait for the most sought after Electric Vehicles releasing in 2024
From the Cybertruck to from brands you wouldn't expect, these are the hottest...
Porsche takes on Lexus in suspension challenge and there's one clear winner
In what's possible the most one-sided suspension challenge, someone's actually...
We got behind the wheel of the Porsche Mission X, and it's even crazier than first imagined
From the one-of-a-kind interior to hidden Easter Eggs, the Porsche Mission...
This Porsche ad is still the greatest car advert ever
While TV adverts might just be the bane of your life, there are some real...
This colorful Porsche 911 may be our new favorite sports car
This super colorful Porsche 911 Carrera GTS is now part of the Porsche...
Justin Bieber just bought the craziest Porsche ever
Justin Bieber seems to have acquired the only Porsche L'Art De L'Automobile...
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