Aerial shots show the progress and scale of $1 trillion giga-project 'The Line' in Saudi Arabia
Inside Jeff Bezos' extensive $600million property portfolio
Man built his dream home out of two jets and it only costs him $200 a month
The ultra-wealthy's ultimate supercar storage solution revealed

Real Estate

To lure in buyers luxury mansion owner parked a $4.2 million Ferrari in living room
The Italian supercar is worth a million dollars more than the property.
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's property may as well be a town
It's worth a staggering $27.8M.
A look inside Lionel Messi's $10.75 million Florida mansion
At 10,500 square feet it boasts 10 bedrooms, spa room, two boat docks,...
The 7 most expensive things Elon Musk owns are mind-blowing
His approach to being a billionaire is famously unorthodox.
Top 9 most expensive purchases in 2023 
Here's what the top 0.01 percent are actually investing in.
Tyler Perry's $100m Atlanta mansion sets the standard for billionaire living
It even boasts its own private runway.
There is an entire town in Alaska that all live together under one roof
With a few exceptions, they all live in the same building.
Eminem's mansion is so big it's basically a town
He chose to stick close to his Midwestern roots over proximity to the LA...
Man returns home to land he bought in 1991 to find a $1.5 million house on it
The half-acre strip of land had changed a bit since he last visited.
Lewis Hamilton's $40m Monaco penthouse is a one-of-a-kind property
It's the least he deserves - he worked hard for it.
Saudi Arabia's $1 trillion skyscraper that stretches 75 miles is now under construction
The Line will stretch across over 100 miles in the desert of Saudi Arabia.
Inside incredible concept for $7.5 million mega mansion in shape of a cruise ship
Floated at Melbourne's most coveted postcode, its boasts five ‘decks’ and...
Virat Kohli owns a private jet as well as a highly impressive $2m car collection favouring two brands
He loves to splash his $126 million fortune on cars, a private jet and...
Jeff Bezos buys $79 million home on 'Billionaire Bunker' in Miami
He bought a neighbouring estate for $68 million two months ago.
Footage shows inside Michael Jackson's transformed Neverland ranch after being left to rot
New photos show mysteriously restored old attractions, new rides and animals.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck show off their new luxurious $60 million mansion in LA
The 'Wallingford estate' sits on a 5-acre promontory, boasting 12 bedrooms...
Elton John's sublime condo has just sold for millions over the asking price
It was one of the most expensive condo sales in Atlanta's history selling...
Robert Downey Jr appears to have transformed $13.4m estate into a personal zoo
The Dr. Dolittle opened up his eight-figure Malibu home to pigs, alpacas,...
Cost of new Dubai apartments designed by Bugatti revealed and it's eye-watering
Two illustrious brands in supercars and real estate have joined forces...
Inside Taylor Swift's 8 multi-million dollar homes
Worth an estimated $570 million, the superstar has invested at least $150...
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