'Alien' message from Mars has finally been solved one year on
NASA sends 500 pet photos into space using laser beams
Scientists build 'digital twin' of Earth to predict our future
New Mars images reveal something that has never be seen before on the Red Planet


SpaceX Starship achieves groundbreaking ocean landing
This is big news for SpaceX
Virgin Galactic's 'Unity' spaceplane ends service after flying 4 tourists to space
The spaceplane is being 'retired'
The plan to build a tower to space could act as an elevator to leave Earth
To call it 'ambitious' would be an understatement
SpaceX’s Starship completes first full test flight
This is a giant leap for mankind
Tesla launched into space has traveled equivalent of driving all world’s roads 80 times
He's a Starman waiting in the sky
The ways astronauts communicate with each other in space is surprising but clever
Everything's a challenge in space
World's first commercial space plane is getting nearer to takeoff
It will go to the ISS
Incredible Airbnb property offers 'best seat on earth' to watch SpaceX rocket launches
A crash pad near the launch pad
Eerie moment radar detects structure above 'UFO hotbed' during rocket experiment
Scientists are speculating that this could be a portal
Scientists have discovered the biggest hint ever about finding alien life in space
We might found alien life, far more advanced than us
NASA spacecraft spots dead robot on Mars surface
NASA spotted a ‘dead’ robot on the surface of Mars in new images taken...
Inversion Space aims for rapid cargo delivery with orbital warehouses
A truly innovative idea
NASA seen testing lunar tech by simulating moonwalk in the Arizona desert
From desert sand to space dust
Japan reportedly building an elevator that will take humans to space
If this got stuck on the wrong floor it'd be a nightmare
SpaceX reveals futuristic new spacesuit for humans to wear on Mars
One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind
China launches first SkyNet satellite to compete with Elon Musk's Starlink network
Internet from space for everyone
NASA begins project to build first railway station on the Moon
They even gave it a cool name, 'FLOAT'
Elon Musk reveals next-gen Starship to reach heights greater than Great Pyramids
World's largest rocket to become larger.
People left perplexed at why flying against the Earth's rotation doesn't speed up flights
The science isn't science-ing
NASA uses supercomputer to create video showing what it's like to fall into a black hole
It's an entirely new POV
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