Mind-blowing superyacht concept has a display room for your Ferrari
Man who lived on luxury cruise ship for two decades shares the messed up thing about being back on dry land
Michael Jordan's $80 million superyacht has jaw-dropping weekly maintenance bill
Megayacht that costs $3.3million per week to charter is unlike any other vessel


Inside plans for $1b superyacht that comes with its own detachable airship
It's an incredible concept.
Onboard the 120-foot-long superyacht Taylor Swift parties on is something special
The sleek superyacht is a thing of beauty.
World's only 24-karat gold superyacht even has jet skis and underwater scooters drenched in gold
The superyacht also has a water slide, Jacuzzi, and a trampoline.
Come aboard this $1M hyperboat with us
It has four v10 mercury engines.
Jeff Bezos' $75m support yacht designed to back up his $500m megayacht spotted
This yacht is absolutely enormous.
Steve Jobs' $120 million Venus superyacht is taking all focus on Australia's Gold Coast
To be fair, it's hard to miss it.
260ft superyacht concept dubbed 'Sports Car On The High Seas'
This yacht is designed to make guests feel like they're in a penthouse...
Woman says it's 'hard work' getting paid to live on a luxury yacht and travel the world
She works hard and plays hard in some of the most beautiful places in the...
Shark-inspired $1 billion superyacht so big you need vehicle to get around
It has windows like deadly teeth.
279-foot superyacht concept is a floating garage with a man cave
This superyacht's in a league of its own.
New stunning $87 million ‘flying’ superyacht concept revealed
Faster than most speedboats and with enough space on board to park your...
POV shows what it's like to sail the yacht 'Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63'
It looks so fast – and it wasn't even going flat out.
92-foot yacht comes with a bonkers yet brilliant unique feature
It's fast, beautiful and, all things considered, not even that expensive.
The History Supreme is the most expensive superyacht ever sold and it's made of gold
Is all as it seems?
Inside Tiger Woods' 6,500 sq ft private yacht bought with his billions
Aptly called 'Privacy', Tiger Woods' yacht is relatively understated......
Regular yacht compared to the ruler of Dubai's shows what extreme wealth is
There's wealth, and then there's 'true' wealth.
Onboard the luxurious 690-foot 5-star hotel for the seas Seabourn Ovation
One of the room service staples here is caviar.
This is the world's first submersible superyacht worth $2bn - and it can remain underwater for weeks
The impressive underwater beast can reach up to 40 knots when fully submerged.
New 262-foot superyacht concept is converted from an expedition vessel to an incredible 5-star experience
From rugged explorer to five-star beauty.
BMW 'The Icon' is the world's first all-glass flying yacht
The Icon's party trick is its 'on-board soundscape'.
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