$10 million yacht that's a floating mansion was exclusively private for more than a decade
Inside the superyacht with two helipads and its own submarine that costs millions to refill
Concept for world’s first ‘gigayacht’ that’s twice as big as Jeff Bezos' is incredible
Jeff Bezos' superyacht is so massive it must be docked in special place away from other superyachts


New 269-foot superyacht comes with its own pizza oven and outdoor cinema
It even has its own beach club on board.
Saudi Arabia's $8b turtle-shaped yacht would be a floating city that breaks records
It houses shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, public parks and even condos.
$24.5 million superyacht is simply a floating mancave
It's masculine and ultra-sleek.
Billionaire's yacht has hidden component as you go deeper into its interior
This is like the Versace Mansion of the sea.
Taylor Swift-themed cruise to set sail in 2024 on one of Royal Caribbean's largest ships
The Swifties are setting sail.
Michael Jordan earned close to half a million from his superyacht in one genius move
He's slowly chipping away at those wild maintenance bills.
First Lamborghini 63 speedboat in North America hits the water
Inspired by supercars, this yacht has an Aventador steering wheel and Huracán-style...
Man who lived on luxury cruise ship for two decades shares the messed up thing about being back on dry land
Salcedo spent over 9,000 nights at sea.
Lauren Sánchez reveals who the goddess-like figurehead on top of Bezos' $500m yacht actually is
Following six months of speculation, she confirmed it's not her.
World's first 3D-printed superyacht is 'invisible'
This is the world's first 3D-printed superyacht, and wait till you see...
The most expensive thing ever sold on eBay is a $168 million 'Giga-Yacht'
Giga-yacht has its own spa, swimming pool and even a movie theater.
131ft superyacht concept is your sailing private island that holds a luxurious secret below deck
The attention to detail is amazing.
Jeff Bezos has a $75m 'support yacht' that accompanies his $500m 'mega yacht' as a floating garage
Despite Abeona's sheer size, she's just the 'shadow boat' for Koru, another...
The luxury superyacht that Tyson Fury rents for five figures a day is one of the most lavish in the world
The weekly price will make your jaw drop.
New 131-foot superyacht concept is basically a floating private island you can sail
This private oasis has everything you need to sail off into the sunset.
295-foot-long concept megayacht has a multi-million dollar surprise
It was designed by the shipyard that built Jeff Bezos’ megayacht.
Michael Jordan's $80 million superyacht has jaw-dropping weekly maintenance bill
With a reported net worth of $3 billion, Michael Jordan can pretty much...
This super-green 270ft superyacht concept has its own nightclub
Dubbed "Dunes", the massive superyacht is packed with incredibly luxurious...
Candela C-8 sets new world record for longest 24-hour electric boat distance
The Candela C-8 has just crushed the previous record for distance sailed...
This is the Global 550 and it's the future of superyacht luxury
The Global 550 superyacht weighs less than 500 gross tonnes and boasts...
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