World's first silent mask means you can hold full conversations in public without being heard
Former Apple employee says there's only one real way to save your iPhone's battery
Fascinating 'Ringbot' monocycle robot rolls around and balances on two legs
Nvidia surpasses $2 trillion market cap and becomes more valuable than Google and Amazon

Tech News

Energizer unveils phone with battery that can 'last for a whole week' on a single charge
You can binge the entirety of a TV series without coming up for air.
The reason the Apple logo has a bite taken out of it is incredible
The Apple logo wasn't always intended to look the way it does.
Elon Musk discloses remarkable feat accomplished by first human Neuralink patient
The recovered patient is now able to do something incredible.
The PlayStation 6 release could be a lot sooner than anticipated
Sad news for Playstation 5 gamers.
People are using Apple Vision Pros everywhere in public as 'future is here'
They're becoming an increasingly common sight.
POV video shows how the Apple Vision glasses work in public
It "seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world".
World's highest jumping robot can jump higher than a 10-story building
So small yet so powerful.
Neurologist explains how Neuralink's brain chip actually works
Would you risk having your brain hacked?
How long Neuralink's brain chip trial is lets us know when we could expect full rollout
It's sooner than you might have thought.
One of the biggest changes to the iPhone ever is coming in weeks
This is the biggest change the App Store has ever undergone.
Nvidia surpasses $2 trillion market cap and becomes more valuable than Google and Amazon
The demand for AI tech is behind the boom.
Two-legged robot's 100-meter record is astonishingly quick
"This may be the first bipedal robot to learn to run, but it won’t be the...
Robot inside the Great Pyramid reveals its secrets with hidden footage
It's like a window on an ancient civilization.
YouTuber creates real-life Iron Man suit with working repulsor blaster
It's more than just aesthetically accurate.
Scientists hold groundbreaking 20-minute 'conversation' with humpback whale
The findings are thought to pave the way for future conversations with...
Elon Musk had ultra genius method for figuring out which Tesla employee was leaking info
The employee learnt the hard way that Elon Musk doesn't just let things...
Researchers build an AI robot that can replicate and alter itself
AI is giving birth to AI.
Earth just received a laser-beamed message from 16 million kilometers away
This could be a game-changer for spacecraft communication.
Apple announces major change coming to iPhone messages
Could this end the Android vs iPhone feud?
Supersonic nuclear-powered plane would fly from London to New York in less time than a soccer game
It flies nearly twice the speed of Concorde.
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