Construction officially begins on high-speed train connecting Vegas to LA
$100 billion eco-friendly 'Forest city' is now a ghost town with no change in site
Concorde's sonic boom explained - and other surprising facts about the supersonic aircraft that might surprise you
Aerial shots show the progress and scale of $1 trillion giga-project 'The Line' in Saudi Arabia


Pictures reveal scale of world's first floating theme park on Saudi oil rig
It's hard to get your head around.
Pilot performs unbelievable maneuver landing Airbus A380 nearly sideways
Heart-stopping landing maneuver
Supersonic: the origins of Concorde
The rise and fall of the iconic supersonic jet
Thalassery-Mahe National Highway bypass is 'like a skyscraper lying down' in stunning engineering feat
It adds to the natural beauty of the landscape.
Supersonic nuclear-powered plane would fly from London to New York in less time than a soccer game
It flies nearly twice the speed of Concorde.
US unveils ambitious plan for futuristic moon train to revolutionize lunar transport
A railway network on moon seems like an impossible project, but it could...
Viral flight hack shared by a former airline employee amazes everyone
Make your airport life a little bit easier
This road in France can only be used twice daily, then it vanishes underwater
It disappears under 13ft of water.
Amazing footage shows Dubai's artificial rain used to balance high temperatures
It's going to give the city a more refreshing climate.
Woman spends a night inside $100 billion ‘Forest City’ ghost town to see what it's actually like
A peek behind the Forest City curtain
Hong Kong's huge $19 billion bridge became known as a 'ghost bridge'
It's a massive engineering project, but has been underused
Report says Saudi Arabia's 'The Line' project has changed massively
It's going to be scaled back...for now
'Holy Grail' shipwreck worth $20 billion to be raised from the ocean floor
The greatest modern day treasure haul
Autonomous plane will fly without a crew for 90 days using only energy from the sun
Knock-knock. Who's there? No one.
Groundbreaking supersonic aircraft fueled by crystalized hydrogen poised for test flight
Could it rival the likes of Airbus or Boeing in the future?
A bizarre fake Prada store in the middle of the desert has become a Texas landmark
Luxury shopping in the desert, anyone?
Hydrogen-powered train sets unbelievable Guinness World Record for nonstop travel
It ran on the tracks for over 46 hours.
Hydrogen-powered train sets unbelievable Guinness World Record for nonstop travel
It ran on the tracks for over 46 hours.
Abu Dhabi building world's first Esports island to rival Saudi Arabia in $280m project
Its luxury hotel will offer PUBG-style parachute check-in.
Once thriving US town is now a ghost town with a single resident
Could you live alone in a ghost town?
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