$1.3m McLaren P1 found washed up on toilet seat after Hurricane Ian
Is the 'Car Fighting Championship' about to be the next big MMA craze?
McLaren P1 destroyed by Hurricane Ian – here's how to keep yourself and your car safe
Watch Daniel Mac ask President Joe Biden what he does for a living


Viral footage shows yacht sinking off the coast of Italy
Four passengers and five crew were rescued from the vessel as it sank....
This Lamborghini Gallardo has a supra engine and a window for your feet
A view for your feet, why didn't Lamborghini think of that?
Guy gets pulled over by cops in homemade SpongeBob SquarePants car
He is driving in a hamburger, so of course he is pulled over by the police....
'Mario Kart IRL': This TikToker put a Nintendo Wii steering wheel in his Miata
He didn't just stop with the steering wheel, either.
This guy builds the world's most insane jet-powered go karts
He's also fitted jet engines to bikes and even cars.
Video captures moment pilot is forced to make an emergency landing on a highway
The new pilot was taking his father-in-law for a ride in his propeller...
This trucker made the ultimate camper out of a Kenworth and an Airstream
Retired trucker Charlie made it with a truck found in a field and a trailer...
Garage fire turns VW Thing into 700hp frankencar 
This bizarre-looking creation is a mashup between a GT-R and a Volkswagen...
This TikToker is building his own working Iron Man gadgets and they are incredible
One of his videos has amassed more than seven million views.
Dad turns his ride-on lawn mower into a TANK
And he shoots potatoes out of the gun turret.
This race car was made using 18kg of chocolate
The chef also created a motorbike and robot using only chocolate.
This $3 million supercar collection was destroyed by Miami floods
This is seriously tough viewing for any supercar lover.
Man cooks all of his meals on the piping hot dashboard of his car... and the internet is hooked
Ever felt like your car was so hot you could cook an egg on the dash? Well,...
Ever wanted to ride a giant 'robot' elephant? Well, now you can
It's 12 meters high, eight meters wide and 21 meters long.
What the heck is going on with gas prices? Here’s how people are reacting
We’ve got bad news, it’s not going to get cheaper anytime soon.
TikTok star builds fully functional Ironman suit with her 3D printer and the process is crazy
She can open the helmet with a wiggle of her chin!
Mechanic drops a WWII tank engine into a Ford police car
With 2500hp, this twin-turbo V12 beast could just be our favorite build...
This 'Jeeporghini' looks like Batman's Tumbler crammed into a supercar
Someone wanted to take another crack at building a Lambo 4x4.
Watch this 1250hp Lamborghini Huracan tow a Urus
Alex Choi has turned the tables to tow a Urus with his Huracan!
Meet the guy who is building an 8-meter Battlestar Galactica spaceship in his shed
See the Australian man's efforts to make a Colonial Viper Mark II.
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