Gran Turismo and Bulgari come together in unlikely collab to create slick concept hypercar
These expensive watches come in the weirdest shapes
Lil Wayne was gifted Lamborghini and $25k watch from Saudi Royal Prince
Extremely rare vintage Rolex found in drawer restored to be worth whopping six-figures


These are the lavish watches the world's richest people typically wear
Some of them are super expensive, others... not so much.
7 watches that cost even more than a Bugatti Chiron
These seven watches cost way more than a Bugatti Chiron.
Floyd Mayweather owns one of the world's most expensive watches with this $1.4m diamond beauty
He loves diamond watches so much he even has an iced-out Casio.
These are the breath-taking everyday personal watches worn by the world's most famous actors
From Ryan Gosling's vintage Rolex to Leonardo DiCaprio's 'unicorn'.
Diddy wore the most expensive Rolex Daytona at Howard’s homecoming weekend
In theory, it has a price tag of $96k but in practice, it trades for a...
Army vet collapses in disbelief after learning the true value of his incredibly rare Rolex
The army veteran bought the Rolex Oyster Cosmograph 40 years ago for just...
Cristiano Ronaldo's outrageous watch collection costs jaw-dropping seven-figure sum
If you thought his car collection was impressive, wait until you see the...
This is the $500,000 watch that was stolen from F1 driver Carlos Sainz
Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz chased down thieves and retrieved his Richard...
Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz chases down thieves who tried to steal his $500k watch
Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz was robbed of his $500,000 Richard Mille watch...
This alien-shaped watch costs the same as two Lamborghinis
You can buy this, or two Lamborghini Urus SUVs.
New Rolls-Royce Amethyst Droptail comes with a watch that's worth more than most supercars
It's made by Vacheron Constantin and is fantastically expensive.
Massive 5-meter tall watch appears out of nowhere at Harrods
German watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne has just hung a massive 5-meter tall...
Watch a professional watchmaker service this Patek Philippe with spectacular precision
They make it look easy, but only a professional watchmaker is capable of...
Experts reveal why right now is the best time to buy a luxury watch
Watch prices, especially when it comes to legacy brands such as Rolex,...
Twitch streamer xQc shows off incredible Audemars Piguet watch with massive price tag
Xqc went for one of the rarest and most expensive iterations of the Audemars...
Jake Paul gifts personal barber incredible new Rolex
Jake Paul just paid his barber with a brand-new Rolex because he “didn’t...
Man brought to tears after learning true value of his £132 Rolex
According to the Antiques Roadshow watch expert, this rare iteration of...
Buzz Aldrin celebrates the Moon Landing with three special Omega watches
Each watch has an incredibly special meaning.
Rolex is returned to its owner four years after it sunk to the bottom of the ocean
Matt, an Australian surfer, found the watch at the bottom of the ocean....
This watch is made from iron, and it costs more than a McLaren
De Bethune made a one-off piece that's very heavy to wear and extremely...
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