Cutting-edge 55-foot carbon-fiber yacht is like a spaceship on water
After 5 years Bill Gates' unique hydrogen fuel-cell-powered superyacht is finally ready
656-Foot ‘AirYacht’ concept that transports 40 people around the world coming closer to reality
Maserati reveals $2.6 million electric yacht complementing its latest EV offering


Lexus debuts luxurious yacht to rival Lamborghini
The Lamborghini yacht has a tough competitor!
Exclusive look inside the Lamborghini yacht worth $4M
This Lamborghini yacht is the supercar of the seas.
Exact replica of Titanic 'Titanic II' to be built by billionaire with designs revealed
Let's hope they've upped the number of lifeboats.
Inside plans for $1b superyacht that comes with its own detachable airship
It's an incredible concept.
'Tetra' superyacht concept 'flies' over water and looks like an Imperial 'Star Wars' spaceship
It's massive, but only has room for six people. And this is by design.
Come aboard this $1M hyperboat with us
It has four v10 mercury engines.
Jeff Bezos' $75m support yacht designed to back up his $500m megayacht spotted
This yacht is absolutely enormous.
Steve Jobs' $120 million Venus superyacht is taking all focus on Australia's Gold Coast
To be fair, it's hard to miss it.
Woman says it's 'hard work' getting paid to live on a luxury yacht and travel the world
She works hard and plays hard in some of the most beautiful places in the...
New stunning $87 million ‘flying’ superyacht concept revealed
Faster than most speedboats and with enough space on board to park your...
The History Supreme is the most expensive superyacht ever sold and it's made of gold
Is all as it seems?
Regular yacht compared to the ruler of Dubai's shows what extreme wealth is
There's wealth, and then there's 'true' wealth.
The flying superyacht powered by helium takes luxury to new heights
It flies, and it also sails.
Conor McGregor shows off inside of jaw-dropping $2.7 million Lamborghini superyacht
It really does look like a supercar on water.
Lauren Sánchez reveals who the goddess-like figurehead on top of Bezos' $500m yacht actually is
Following six months of speculation, she confirmed it's not her.
Sports billionaire Shahid Khan has a brand new 400-foot-long superyacht that has its own submarine
It has a spa with a waterfall, three swimming pools, and a basketball and...
Conor McGregor shows off inside of jaw-dropping $2.7 million Lamborghini superyacht
It really does look like a supercar on water.
This breathtaking yacht concept is redefining luxury
Nicknamed Domus, It weighs 750 gross tonnes, is silent, and boasts a cinema...
Tetra is a pyramid-shaped yacht that looks like an alien spaceship
Tetra has three hulls, and even though it's massive, it is only designed...
This yacht concept is so tech advanced it makes the sea around it GLOW
This concept is not just luxurious, it's also packed with incredible tech.
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