MrBeast's Amazon Prime game show will be biggest competition in TV history with $5m cash prize
How much money MrBeast made in 2023 is more than a lot of stars' net worth
YouTubers caught the speed of light on camera at 10 trillion frames per second
MrBeast reportedly gets $100 million deal from Amazon for his first TV show


MrBeast reveals his earnings from posting first video on X, but admits a problem
There are two very good reasons why this should be taken with a pinch of...
MrBeast finally posts his first video on X driving $250 million worth of cars
And it's a big one.
Youtuber's question made Elon Musk completely rethink SpaceX rocket
"We're going to fix that."
MrBeast reveals the astronomical amount he spends on each video
It pays off, too.
MrBeast responds to question of whether he's a billionaire yet
He has a good reason why he may not have achieved it yet.
The unbelievable amount MrBeast earns from YouTube after Elon Musk made him an X offer
It's a 'strange' offer.
YouTuber who collects supercars breaks down his eye-watering monthly payments
The collection costs him six figures per month.
YouTuber builds 'Back to the Future' style hoverboard that floats on absolutely everything
It uses a ground effect to hover on a cushion of air right above the floor.
MrBeast announces his biggest video ever, costing millions
If you thought his Squid Game video was big, MrBeast's next video will...
This guy took out a $40,000 business loan to start a YouTube channel
Sometimes you gotta risk it for the biscuit, especially when that biscuit...
No, this is not a Tesla Cybertruck - it's a $2,800 CyberPrius
Built for a bit of off-road fun.
Mechanic drops a WWII tank engine into a Ford police car
With 2500hp, this twin-turbo V12 beast could just be our favorite build...
Man born without his arm builds one using LEGO
David Aguilar was born without a fully formed arm.
'Frickin' cool!': Old couch turned into an electric car
He even took it through a fast food drive-thru!
MrBeast is giving away a '$20 million' private island again for a YouTube video
It's not the first time he's bought a private island.
This dad built his son a Lamborghini Vision GT in 96 days
You need to check out this incredible video!
Man takes insane homemade helicopter he created in garden shed on test flight
It sounds like a lawnmower possessed by a demon.
YouTuber builds jet engine from scratch and bolts it to a skateboard
Not your average backyard science experiment.
New teaser drops for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with a major spoiler
Eight words in the trailer will have fans losing their minds.
V10 motorcycle with a Dodge Viper engine can go faster than a Bugatti Chiron
This thing is truly terrifying.
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