This amphibious boat goes from land to water with the touch of a button

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This amphibious boat goes from land to water with just the touch of a button. 

The boat ‘drives’ on land using two tracks that can navigate almost any terrain including rocky foreshores. 

The tracks then fold into the body of the boat when it enters the water – and this is when the amphibious boat really comes to life. 

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The boat, created by Iguana yachts, is a performance vessel. 

Its V-shaped front cuts through the water, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 50 knots. 

It comes with all the latest technology too. 

It has GPS with a sound system, an underwater camera, a key with stop-start, and an iPhone app that you can use to remotely control parts of the boat. 

It’s also fitted with an electric anchor and electric ladder which can be deployed on water and land. 

If all that’s not enough, the driver’s seat is also electric, making it shockproof from the waves. 


Inside, the boat has a cabin that transforms into a bed.

But as some keen-eyed followers pointed out, the toilet is almost underneath the bed meaning you couldn’t use it if someone was sleeping.

Unless you were extremely comfortable with that person… check out the design (flaw) here.

The boat is powered by twin 300 HP engines and is also incredibly light, built with aluminium and carbon. 

Once the boat’s torn through the seas and its passengers are ready to come back to land, this boat can basically take them right to their front door. 

Coming back onto land

When the boat’s in shallow waters, the captain just has to press a button on the display screen to deploy the landing gear. 

The two tracks will then fold out and carry the boat from water onto land. 

And to direct the boat, the captain uses joy sticks – and the turning circle’s wild. 

Once the boat has made its way to the drop off point, the driver just needs to press a button and the ladder will extend allowing passengers to comfortably step down. 

The roof will then transform from a heightened sunshade into a sealed water and windproof roof. 

Iguana Yachts has a range of amphibious boats and each one can be customized to the buyer.

This isn’t a concept either, it’s already hit waters right across the world.


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