12-year-old boy became a millionaire after being one of the first people to invest in Bitcoin
Ferrari to accept crypto as payment for its cars in the US
Man whose £165m worth of Bitcoin was mistakenly thrown into landfill unveils new plan to retrieve
Now you can make money through NFTs, thanks to Justin Bieber


Here's what happened to the 10,000 BTC from the 'Bitcoin pizza' story
Spoiler alert: no one here bought a yacht.
All those NFTs that sold for millions are now worthless
Madonna, Justin Bieber, Eminem and Neymar Jr. spent huge amounts on NFTs...
World's largest Bitcoin holders' list includes unexpected guest
We weren't expecting THAT one.
Influencer loses thousands after accidentally showing crypto keys on livestream
He went into shock when he realized what he'd done.
NFT prices keep plummeting, and celebrities are the biggest losers
Celebs and high-profile investors keep losing cash as NFT prices plummet....
Justin Bieber's $1.3m Bored Ape NFT has now lost 95% of its value
Justin Bieber's NFT was once worth seven figures, it's now worth less than...
SBF's ex-girlfriend Caroline Ellison pleads guilty to fraud charges
Will Bankman-Fried's ex-girlfriend turn against him?
Donald Trump's NFT collection sells out in just one day, netting him $5 million
Former US President Trump has pocketed around $5 million from the sale.
Donald Trump's NFT collection is dividing the internet
The former president has launched the collection to promote his 2024 Presidential...
Billions of dollars is being pulled from crypto exchanges amid FTX-induced panic
Users are fleeing crypto exchanges following the collapse of FTX.
Paris Hilton, Kevin Hart, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg among celebs being sued for shilling NFTs
According to investors, these celebs were hired to 'artificially inflate...
Crypto CEO who lost $25 billion in a day is arrested during 'holiday' in the Bahamas
Everything you need to know about the messy downfall of the disgraced crypto...
The crypto disaster worsens, and even celebrities are affected
There's trouble in Paradise as high-profile celebs face backlash for promoting...
Crypto bros are selling their luxury cars in droves as the market continues to bleed
Bad news for them, but good news for you if you're in the market for a...
Billionaire CEO loses entire fortune overnight as crypto market bleeds
Sam Bankman-Fried has lost 94% (and counting) of his fortune in a matter...
From Eminem and Snoop Dogg to Elon Musk, these celebs still have millions in crypto
One of them lost nearly $3 million in a single day.
Woman buys her dream house after crypto giant accidentally sends her $10.5 million
The crypto exchange was supposed to send her just $100.
You can now buy a Tiffany & Co NFT and it comes with a 'free' gold pendant
You can now buy a Tiffany & Co. NFT for around $51,000.
Crypto whale accidentally loses $150,000 in failed prank
This prank backfired, massively.
Man who lost multi-million dollar Bitcoin hard drive threatens to sue council
His chances are slim but for $200 million, he's refusing to give up.
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