Jetson ONE 'jet pack' shown off taking flight in incredible footage
Supercomputer finds 'super diamonds' in space harder than Earth's diamonds
World’s first independently developed supersonic jet records first flight
Humanoid holds the world record for speed and is mightily impressive


Secretive new X-Plane boasts feature unseen in any previous aircraft
The design of Aurora X-65 CRANE looks impressive!
Major cities are racing to make flying taxis a reality
Your Uber is...here?
Footage shows Neuralink patient controlling Mario Kart using mind
It's genuinely impressive.
UK government wants flying taxis to take off within two years
Hello, Uber A
$1.5B startup close to bringing the woolly mammoth back from the dead
Imagine a real-life Jurassic Park.
Huge mysterious 'alien' monolith appears out of nowhere confusing locals
What exactly is it?
World's first autonomous cargo ship produces zero-emissions and is all electric
Next-gen thinking.
Chinese company's humanoid robot shatters world speed record
It can run faster than some people.
Fascinating 'Ringbot' monocycle robot rolls around and balances on two legs
The monocycle robot can go at speeds up to 5 km/h.
Scientists believe water discovery finally cracks how the Great Pyramid was built
Physicists think they've figured it out.
The remarkable story of the man who traveled faster than the speed of sound free-falling from space
Imagine breaking the sound barrier... with your body.
China claiming to have developed wild new plasma tech that can make aircraft invisible
It could be a game changer for the military.
Scientists develop new battery that charges EVs in 5 minutes
Absolute game changer.
Supercomputer that simulates entire human brain will switch on in 2024
It could create advanced and unprecedented AI technology.
Japan's ancient underwater 'pyramid' is the ultimate puzzle
It looks quite incredible.
Man who lived underwater for 100 days had 'life glitch' transformation
He discovered a 'life glitch'.
Scientists hold groundbreaking 20-minute 'conversation' with humpback whale
The findings are thought to pave the way for future conversations with...
Scientist claims he has proof we are living in an advanced virtual world simulation
There's one thing in particular that spooked him.
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