Brand new footage shows Tesla bot progress

The short video shows just how busy the new and improved Tesla Bot, nicknamed "Optimus", has been learning some new tricks.

by | Published on 19th May 2023

Wind the clock back to August 2021 when Tesla first announced plans to launch a Tesla Bot nicknamed “Optimus”.

Many didn’t take it seriously, but that was largely in part due to the presentation starting with an actual human being pretending to be a humanoid robot.

They even made robot moves and dance routines as part of the act.

Talk about cringe.

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The company is taking the Tesla Bot very seriously, though, as it appears to have come on leaps and bounds since its awkward debut.

A short video released by the company at its annual shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas shows just how the new and improved Tesla Bot has been learning some new tricks.

Titled “Tesla Bot Update”, the video shows five humanoid robots performing a number of tasks.

From walking slowly together to discovering new envirnonments and memorizing them, the Tesla Bot can even pick things up and drop them off, too.

The Tesla Bot is even capable of carrying out various mundane tasks, with the AI powering it trained via human demonstrations.

For example, the Tesla Bot can be seen in the video picking up objects from one tray and putting them in a second container.

Now that’s pretty neat.

Not only has the Tesla Bot learnt some new tricks, it now appears to have a production-ready chassis.

Albeit slow, its walk is much improved compared to the stumbles we saw at the previous demo at AI Day last year.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that demand for the Tesla Bot could be as high as 10 to 20 billion units, which is more than double the Earth’s entire human population.

It’s likely everyone will want one, but will they be able to afford one, though?



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