New picture shows how Tesla Cybertruck has evolved since unveiling

A new picture has surfaced online showing the latest Tesla Cybertruck prototype and there are several noticeable difference from the prototype unveiled in 2019.

by | Published on 14th Jul 2023

The new Tesla Cybertruck is inching closer to production.

With a delivery event due to take place later this year, a road-going version has been spotted testing a few times.

Now a picture has surfaced online, which shows just how much the space-aged truck has evolved since it was first unveiled.

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Posted to Twitter by Greggertuck, the split image shows the Tesla Cybertruck in 2019 at the unveiling and more recently at the Petersen Museum Exhibition.

Immediately, you can see the differences between the prototype models.

For starters, the latest prototype is noticibly more squat and lower to the ground, which suggests adjustments have been made to the suspension.

The front end appears to have been tweaked, too.

Where the 2019 prototype had a longer, more angular front end, the 2023 prototype now has a stubby nose.

There’s little to no overhang at the front of the Tesla Cybertruck now, with the front fender and headlights appearing to have made way.

The latter have presumably been incorporated into the flat face of the Cybertruck.

Another noticeable difference is the latest prototype now has a set of wing mirrors. 

What’s more, there appears to be an extra fold in the bottom of the door now.

Sitting beneath the doors are black rocker panels, which look like they’ve been made smaller, too.

As to be expected, the post on Twitter has garnered significant attention, with people sharing mixed views.

“I actually like the stubbier nose on the newer iteration, more maneuverability,” one user said.

But not everyone liked the new stubbier nose.

“They shouldn’t have cut off the nose like they did,” another said.

Some just weren’t fans of the Cybertruck altogether.

“That’s going to win an award for the most hideous thing on wheels,” they said.



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