Tesla Cybertruck wrapped like an F-150 – is it a swipe at Ford?

Leaked pictures of the Tesla Cybertruck are an apparent swipe at Ford's flagship F-150, but Ford is having the last laugh.

by | Published on 25th Jul 2023

The rivalry between Tesla and Ford has been turned up a notch.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Ford CEO Jim Farley have been throwing shade at each other for a while now.

But recently surfaced pictures of the Tesla Cybertruck show the rival is going strong.

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Several photos of Tesla Cybertrucks parked inside the company’s global engineering headquarters have just been leaked online.

The leaked pictures on Cybertruck Owners Club give us a good look at the truck, but what’s more hilarious is that one of these pickups is adorned in a special wrap to feature the “boring” styling of the Ford F-150.

This isn’t the only Cybertruck to have been spotted recently, but it’s certainly distinctive.

The trucks typically wear artsy, camouflage vinyl, which isn’t abnormal for prototype vehicles.

But for Tesla to slap on a wrap that bears the resemblance of another manufacturer’s flagship truck on the side of their own – this has to be a swipe, right?

The wrap on the Tesla Cybertruck extends the entire length of the vehicle.

It shows the Ford F-150’s side profile, including door handles and body lines, as well as the headlights and grille.

What we can’t see from the picture is whether the rear of the truck matches the tailgate of the F-150 too, but it’s highly likely it does.

While Tesla’s goal here was probably to troll Ford by leaking some viral images, Ford’s probably having the last laugh.

Just like the F-150, the Tesla Cybertruck appears to have a Mega Power Frunk.

Basically, a front trunk that opens at waist level which, in the Ford, makes for easy loading and unloading of gear.

None of the leaked photos have internal plastics meaning the internal storage situation is still unknown.

But even without the plastics, the Cybertruck’s frunk volume appears to be quite small, which may be a trade-off for a more spacious interior.

The first production Tesla Cybertruck left the factory just last week.

While there’s still no official release date, the company says it plans to start delivering the Cybertruck later this year.



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