New footage shows the Tesla Cybertruck will be a serious off-roader

New leaked footage shows the Cybertruck with serious off-road credentials.

by | Published on 23rd Feb 2023

Tesla appears to be drip-feeding us information about the Cybertruck

And because we’re thirsty and desperate, we’re lapping it up. 

In new footage uploaded to the Cybertruck Owners Club, we can now see the troubled EV in all-new detail.

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The footage, posted by a user called Trucky, shows the truck driving through the Tesla factory with a significant increase in ground clearance. 

In one of his many promises about the truck, Elon Musk said it would “kick butt in Baja”, meaning it would have serious off-road credentials.


More specifically, he said they were working on “increased dynamic air suspension travel”. 

And while a lot of his promises appear to be empty, this one might not be. 

In the footage, the adaptive air suspension appears to give the truck incredible new height and will no doubt give the Cybertruck better ground clearance for tackling rocks. 

Because the Cybertruck’s been locked behind closed doors for so long, people were confused as to how someone got their hands on the new footage. 

“The original announcement was 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day ago – did you get your reservation way early? [Are you a] tesla employee? Elon, is that you?” one user asked. 

But according to the original poster, the footage was taken during a celebration of the new Tesla offices in California.

Earlier this month we saw some more leaked footage of the Cybertruck. 

The footage taken by @Tokyotesla1 showed the Cybertruck doing a private demonstration at Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory, during which we could see the wheels turning in varying directions. 

The video gave us our best look yet at its four-wheel steering capability since Musk announced it would have both “front and rear wheels steer” and would be able to “drive diagonally like a crab”.

Musk continues to promise the long-awaited EV will be a “damn fine machine” despite the many setbacks it has suffered. 

The Cybertruck is set to go into production later this year, but given the constant delays, we’re not holding our breath. 



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