Tesla Cybertruck seen drifting in the snow

The Tesla Cybertruck has been seen drifting in the snow, but the online response hasn’t exactly been positive.

by | Published on 22nd May 2023

Tesla is drip-feeding information about the Cybertruck, but we’re still no closer to a confirmed release date. 

The American automaker posted an image of the truck drifting in the snow at the weekend, but the response hasn’t exactly been positive.

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Unsurprisingly, the update did little to satisfy those who’ve been waiting for their Cybertruck since 2019.

Others struck out saying the photo alone didn’t reveal any information about how the truck actually performed during its winter testing. 

One follower said the picture “looks nice” but pushed Tesla for more infomation from the test. 

Another quipped “videos or it didn’t happen”. 

And they’re not wrong, CGI can make almost anything look real these days, and Tesla didn’t reveal where or when the testing actually happened. 

Others were more focused on the release date. 

“I need to test what one would look like in my driveway, please send soon,” one man said. 

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said when the truck was finally released, production would not be limited. 

In fact, he said the company anticipated it would sell between 250,000 and 500,000 examples each year. 

Tesla will “make as many as people want and can afford”.

When it was first announced in 2019, the Cybertruck was marketed at $39,900, but speaking at the annual shareholder meeting last year, Musk admitted the truck would be priced much higher

He cited inflation and other “various issues” for the price hike but didn’t reveal how much more the truck would be sold for. 

Just last month, Musk also announced that production of the truck was almost underway

According to his latest announcements, the Cybertruck could be delivered to its first customers as early as December 2023. 

But given the constant delays, we’re not putting any money on that. 



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