Watch the Tesla Cybertruck pull the F-150 up a hill

The Tesla Cybertruck has pulled the Ford F-150 up a hill like it's nothing. But the stunt has been ridiculed for being invalid and 'not even close to a fair fight'.

by | Published on 13th Feb 2023

Watch the Tesla Cybertruck pull the Ford F-150 up a hill like it’s nothing.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just re-posted a video of the troubled Cybertruck in a tug-of-war with the F-150. 

In the video, the Cybertruck appears to have no trouble outperforming the F-150. 

Mind you, viewers have taken issue with it as they believe this is about as far from a valid test as you can get.

Tesla cybertruck tuck-of-war
DrHankMD / Twitter

One person took to Twitter to point out all the differences between the two vehicles, saying they made for a completely unfair test. 

“All-wheel-drive verse two-wheel-drive. Uphill vs downhill. Big meaty tires with higher friction coefficient vs skinny stock tires. You showed literally zero difference in the vehicles’ performance,” he said.

You can see the tire difference pretty clearly in this shot:

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That wasn’t all. 

One person pointed out the fact that the F-150 was a rear-wheel-drive, saying “it will lose against most all-wheel vehicles”. 

And others questioned Elon Musk over the presumed weight difference between the two trucks. 

“In all fairness, should display the weight for context. I’m skeptical,” they said. 

Cybertruck stunt
Tm / Twitter


Eagle-eyed viewers picked up on even more faults with the stunt, including that the Tesla clearly jumped the gun. 

“Let’s see it with both of them starting at the same time,” one said.

The Ford F-150 also had nothing in the bed of the truck to help its tires get a grip.

Tesla cybertruck stunt
Matt Karolian / Twitter

The stunt was first performed back in November 2019 and still proves just as controversial because those who reserved the Cybertruck aren’t any closer to actually getting it and testing it for themselves.

“So tough. Also tough to buy because it doesn’t exist,” one user said.



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