Teslas are getting built in 45 seconds at new Giga Lab in China

We are now being invited to see how Tesla EVs are built in a new ‘Giga Lab’.

by | Published on 13th Jun 2023

It’s not often we get to see behind the scenes of a Tesla Gigafactory.

The closest we get is the odd teaser or short-cut video from the automaker.

That’s about to change, though, as the public is being invited to see how its EVs are built in a new ‘Giga Lab’.

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The new concept store in China can build an electric vehicle in just 45 seconds, a process replicating what’s happening at the Shanghai Gigafactory.

Tesla recently held an opening ceremony at the concept store, which opened its doors to those interested in knowing more about the company’s processes and production.

Tesla Asia confirmed that it’s still a Tesla store, so customers can still buy an EV from there, but this additional treat offers a whole new experience.

Over the years, Tesla has committed itself to excellence and quality, claiming that it wouldn’t matter if an EV was made in America or China, despite massive doubts about it.

The Shanghai Gigafactory is one of Tesla’s fastest production sites which focuses on its different EVs, particularly the Model Y which is popular in Asia and nearby regions.

Just last year, the Shanghai Gigafactory underwent some upgrades as part of Tesla’s commitment to growing its presence in Asia.

As a result of these upgrades, the Shanghai Gigafcatory has increased production output, and even celebrated a significant milestone of delivering its one millionth car.

For years now, CEO Elon Musk has claimed that the Tesla is a manufacturing company above everything else.

Well, it looks like Tesla is now trying to include that in this new retail experience which appears to be designed to showcase its manufacturing technology.

It also showcases its powertrain technology with some parts of its drivetrain being displayed.



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