Guy tries to drive his Tesla Model S Plaid under 7 feet of water

This guy thought he'd try driving his brand new $150,000 Tesla Model S Plaid under water and quickly found out it's easier said than done.

by | Published on 2nd Jun 2023

What is it with people trying to trash their Teslas?

Just the other day, a guy removed the body of his Tesla Model 3 just to see how fast it would go.

Now someone’s taken their Tesla Model S Plaid for a swim in seven feet of water.

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Theoretically speaking, it’s easier to drive an electric vehicle underwater than it is to drive an internal combustion vehicle through the depths below.

Tesla Model S Plaid driving underwater
Chillin’ with Chet / YouTube

So, YouTuber Chillin’ with Chet decided to put theory into practice.

As is so often the case, the application of a theory turns out to be much harder than you might expect.

Without spoiling it for you, the challenges of running the experiment prove too much, but they give it a good shot.

As electric motors need no air to operate, unlike their gas-powered alternatives, the theory is EVs could drive underwater.

When it comes to power, the Tesla Model S Plaid has bags of it, therefore, it shouldn’t need any modifications to drive underwater.

Obviously, there’s the risk of a water leak shorting the electrical system, but EVs are well enough insulated to handle a good amount of water.

They have to be, as you wouldn’t want them short-circuiting if they came across a flood or, in extreme circumstances, crashing into a river.

As the video shows, where the test really falls down is the Tesla Model S Plaid’s buoyancy. 

Even with nearly 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg) of added weight, the EV floats across the water rather than sinking.

Ultimately, it refuses to sink and kind of shuts down but doesn’t actually break down.

It drives itself out of the water, but can’t quite drive through it, which fails to answer the question whether the Tesla Model S Plaid will drive underwater.

The process of finding out is definitely worth a few minutes of your day, though.



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