This futuristic ‘Tesla’ motorbike is a 2-wheeled Cybertruck

The concept is all-electric and it's a futuristic masterpiece.

by | Published on 22nd Jul 2022

A Tesla motorbike has been envisioned by a Spanish automotive designer and it’s a futuristic masterpiece. 

Designed by Víctor Rodríguez Gómez, the electric motorcycle concept was inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. 

The concept is all-electric and defined by sleek and sharp lines. 

It has heaps of cool quirks too. 

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The Model M has detachable handlebars, an electronic kickstand, and adjustable foot legs. 

Gomez also designed the ‘fuel tank’ to act as a detachable bag. 


So when you arrive at your destination, you can just detach the bag, and use it as a backpack. 

The bag also has its own battery that powers the lights and multimedia system. 

Gomez also designed the bag to have the start/stop function on it. 

This way it would serve as an anti-theft mechanism. 

Gomez told supercarblondie.com he “wanted to keep Cybertruck’s design style with a bit more dynamism so it feels both futuristic and stylish”. 

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He said a green future was also important when designing the Tesla motorbike. 

“I wanted to imagine a world where eco-friendly electric bikes are trendy, and Tesla fit that description perfectly,” he said.

The bike has no official links to Tesla, it’s an independent design from Gomez, who is in the second year of his masters degree of transportation design.

Although if Musk gets a look at it, Gomez might just want to leave his phone line open. 

Speaking of projects that are still in the design phase, Musk said yesterday that he hoped to release the Tesla Cybertruck by mid-2023

The project has been continuously delayed since it was first announced in 2019, so we’re not waiting with bated breath for this delivery date. 




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