Tesla Optimus robot filmed performing ‘useful’ at Tesla factory

Elon Musk wants to mass produce the robot
  • Optimus can be seen sorting out batteries in the Tesla factory
  • The robot balances on its legs while the neural net drives the entire upper body
  • Several Optimus robots are now deployed in Tesla factories

Published on May 6, 2024 at 2:52PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 7, 2024 at 9:44PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Alessandro Renesis

Once again, new footage shows the Tesla Optimus robot back in action at the Tesla factory.

Tesla has shared a new video showcasing its Optimus humanoid robot performing a ‘useful task’ and walking around the office.

It shows the robot’s progress with the neural network trained to interpret 2D camera footage.

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However, this is not just a demo as according to Tesla officials, several Optimus robots are now deployed in their factories.

The Optimus robot is undergoing daily testing and refinement on actual workstations. 

That’s why we can see the robot sorting out battery cells in real time using an end-to-end neural network.

The last time we saw the humanoid robot was when Elon Musk shared a video on X of Optimus strolling confidently around the lab.

It seems since then the company has made several improvements.

According to Tesla, the Optimus robot uses an FSD computer to run the end-to-end neural network trained to sort battery cells.

The computer uses only 2D cameras, hand tactile, and force sensor data to generate the necessary joint movements for the task.

According to the video, the Optimus robot balances on its legs while the neural net drives the entire upper body.

This is how the humanoid robot was previously able to perform tasks like squatting, dancing, and boiling an egg.

In addition to performing ‘useful tasks’ the video also captures Optimus taking leisurely walks around the office.

However, Tesla is not the only one developing a humanoid robot.

Nvidia has also unveiled fully humanoid robots set to rival Tesla’s Optimus robot.

Then there’s OpenAI which has joined hands with Microsoft, Nvidia, and Jeff Bezos to develop human-like robots.

With all these billion-dollar companies developing their own humanoid robots, we might be able to buy one in our lifetime.

Let’s just hope that all the robots don’t start a rebellion like Skynet.

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