Tesla drastically drops prices of hugely popular versions of Model S and X

We're used to Tesla slashing prices across its range but this time they're taking it seriously.

by | Published on 1st Sep 2023

Elon Musk is feeling particularly generous these days and continues to lower prices for all Tesla Models.

The Model S and Model X are now cheaper than ever before after the new price cuts.

If he keeps going at this rate, we’re going to have a Tesla that’s cheaper than a Dacia.

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Tesla fiddles with price tags across its line-up like no other brand.

According to Elon Musk, this is part of the brand’s strategy to deliver more units, prioritizing sales over over profit.

With the new price cuts, the Model S Long Range is now priced at $74,990 (it was $88,490), while the Model S Plaid ‘only’ costs $89,900 (it was $108,490).

The price drop on the Model X is even greater than that.

The Model X Long Range is now $79,990, nearly $20,000 cheaper than before.

Meanwhile the Model X Plaid costs $89,990, whereas it used to be $108,490.

There’s more good news for Tesla buyers because the Model X is also eligible for the $7,500 tax credit.

Elon Musk had a bit of a row with the Internal Revenue Service agency (IRS) over this.

Musk routinely gets in trouble with US institutions but his irritation was, for once, entirely justified.

The IRS initially stated the Model X and Model Y wouldn’t qualify for the tax credit.

This is because the agency claimed they were not SUVs, even though they’re categorized as SUVs by another government agency.

Then the IRS changed its mind and announced the 7-seater would get the tax credit, but the 5-seater wouldn’t.

After significant backlash from both Musk and Tesla owners, the IRS caved and included both the Model X and S in the new tax credit.

Go figure.



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