Tesla owners might be able to charge wirelessly in the future

Rumor has it, Tesla is in talks with a German start-up firm that specializes in wireless technology for electric vehicles and robots.

by | Published on 23rd Jun 2023

If the rumors are anything to go by, you might be able charge your Tesla wirelessly in the future.

Apparently, Tesla is in talks to purchase a German start-up firm that specializes in wireless charging technology.

While driving over a wireless charging pad sounds convenient, the reality is it wouldn’t put power back into the battery as fast as plugging the car in. 

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That being said, it’s certainly more practical than Tesla’s past idea about hooking up without involving a human.

Basically, you drive into your garage and Tesla’s automated charging snake robot, which doubles as the charging cord itself, would locate and then plug itself into the car.

Sounds like a cool piece of tech, but it’s far more complicated than having the car simply sit above a wireless charging pad.

Whether or not the deal will happen, though, who knows.

But numerous sources state Tesla is in talks or might have already purchased the small company.

Based in Freiburg, Wiferion was established in 2016 and builds wireless charge pads for electric vehicles and robots.

It’s no secret that Tesla has been working on its own wireless charging solutions for its cars but it’s yet to put anything into production.

That could all be about to change, though, if the two companies were to come together.

There’s no official word from either company at this point, but reports suggest a filing confirms the deal or at least the interest.

There’s even a commercial register document which says, “The Shareholders (Of Wiferion) intend to sell their shares in the company to Tesla International BV by means of a purchase agreement”.

The deal would be ideal, as it could provide a turnkey solution for Tesla and fast-track production for consumers.



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