Tetra is a pyramid-shaped yacht that looks like an alien spaceship

Tetra has three hulls, and even though it's massive, it is only designed to accommodate six guests to maximize comfort and luxury.

by | Published on 3rd Aug 2023

This pyramid-shaped spaceship lookalike is actually a superyacht.

It is a hydrofoil, which means it is designed to float above the water surface as it picks up speed.

That’s why it looks like it’s flying.

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For the technically-minded people and yacht geeks out there, the vessel’s hovering appearance is due to its ‘Hydrofoil small waterplane area ship’ hull – also known as HYSWAS.

Jonathan Schwinge, the man who designed this wondrous thing, calls it ‘Tetra’, as in tetrahedron.

The name may be just a reference to its geometrical shape, but to be honest it contributes to making it even spookier.

It looks like the sort of thing aliens would use to land on planet Earth.

Tetra has three hulls, and it’s built using a carbon fiber superstructure combined with stainless steel.

It looks massive but it actually only accommodates six passengers and four crew members.

This is because Schwinge wanted to prioritize space and comfort.

When Tetra is docked, different sections of the yacht’s fold down to reveal large deck areas.

In addition to that, you also have overhead panels that expand to provide protection from the sunlight.

The bad news is Tetra is just a design studio, and there’s no mention of an actual, physical prototype as of yet.

It would certainly be built upon commission if it came to it, but you’d need somebody with a lot of cash to spend and… unusual taste when it comes to yacht design.

Mind you, as we all know the world’s billionaires are becoming richer, so  never say never.



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