The beautiful Genesis X Convertible concept looks to be going into production

Reportedly priced between $200,000 and $300,000 the Genesis X Convertible is set to rival the Bentley Continental.

by | Published on 30th Jan 2023

Remember the Genesis X Convertible Concept that was unveiled last year? 

Well, Genesis has now hinted it will be going into production.

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Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke reportedly revealed the news at a dealer meeting in South Korea this week. 

Peter Lanzavecchia, who owns a dealership in New Jersey, said the news was dropped “in front of a couple of hundred Genesis dealers”. 

“That’s a pretty good sign,” he said.


Speaking to Automotive News, he said “it would be a true halo flagship for the brand”. 

Lanzavecchia said he expected sales volume to be pretty limited. 

He also said the Genesis X production car would likely be priced between $200,000 and $300,000. 

With this in mind, he said the convertible would likely rival the Bentley Continental.

About the Genesis X Convertible Concept 

From the Hyundai Motor Group, the Genesis X Convertible is an EV with a hardtop roof made of glass. 

Despite being made of glass, the roof is still foldable meaning you can drive it as a coupe or open-top. 

The convertible has a long bonnet with a short front overhand and long wheelbase. 

It also wears a stunning Two-Line graphic.

The graphic is made up of two LED strips that form a triangular shape at the front, reinventing Genesis’ signature ‘Crest’ grille. 

In the cabin, you’ll find four seats and a unique driver-centric dashboard layout.

The infotainment system display is located in the center console and fully integrated into the dashboard forming a much larger screen. 

The X Convertible was the third in a series of concepts launched by Genesis. 

It followed The X and X Speedium Coupe, which were also EVs. 

The carmaker hasn’t revealed what sort of powertrain the X Convertible will use yet, but there’s a strong chance it will use the same as the Speedium concept. 

In that case, we can expect 300 hp and more than 300 miles of range. 



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