This 6-wheel tractor is a total game changer

Published on Mar 27, 2023 at 1:02 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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This 6-wheel tractor is a total game changer

This custom-made six-wheel tractor is a game changer. 

It’s an extension called the Makrobat and it can be applied to almost any tractor. 

The craziest part is it was developed by an 18-year-old university student in Istanbul, Turkey.

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The third set of tires can be moved 360 degrees, depending on where they’re needed. 

Both the left and right wheel can be controlled individually too. 

With the Makrobat system, tractors can climb at an inclination of 75 percent – meaning they can tackle obstacles that normal tractors could never. 

Watch the 6-wheel tractor navigate its way over a ditch and onto a road above.

When the Makrobat system was first unveiled in Turkey, it was hailed as a game changer for farmers. 

The system allows the third set of wheels to move from the front to the middle and all the way to the back. 

This means the tractor can actually reach a height of 1.5 meters without a ramp. 

The brain behind the invention is Uluhan Yazici. 

Yazici invented the system together with his electrician father, Halit Yazici.

Watch him use the system to navigate this massive ditch!

Uluhan Yazici said he was inspired to create the Makrobat system to help prevent tractor crashes. 

“There is a lot of rough terrain in our country. Tractor accidents happen a lot, and many of them result in death,” he told

“Two years ago, my father and brother had a tractor accident. Our tractor overturned.” 

Luckily the men weren’t injured in the accident, but it was the catalyst for Yazici’s invention.

Yazici says the invention also creates better fuel efficiency – so it’s a win-win. 

The men have priced their invention at 13,500 liras which at today’s exchange rate works out to be around USD $700. 

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