This hotel lets you stay for free if you sleep in a see-thru case in the lobby

Published on Jul 17, 2022 at 1:52 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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This hotel lets you stay for free if you sleep in a see-thru case in the lobby

The Paradiso Art Hotel is a retro-style seaside hotel in the Bay of San Antonio in Ibiza.

And it’s now offering an interesting albeit controversial deal for those strapped for cash.

You now have the opportunity to stay in one of its suites for free, but there’s a catch, it’s right in the middle of the lobby in a see-through case.

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Paradiso Art Hotel calls it the Zero Suite and describes it as “beautifully decorated and aesthetically pleasing”.

It’s a cool concept and an intriguing experiment if you can gloss over the fact that everyone can see everything you do.


And by the way, the hotel calls it a ‘suite’ but it really isn’t, it is basically just a regular room with a bed and a bathroom.

The only bit of good news is that the bathroom is private, located in a normal room with regular walls.

Thank God for that.

A few people have already tried the experience and one of them has spoken about it on Instagram.

“People banging on the windows was not fun but the experience was great!”, they said.

The hotel is quite popular on the island and often sold out.

The vintage style furniture definitely helps because each suite is equipped with a Smeg fridge and Marshall speakers, and each suite also has a balcony.

Obviously there are a lot of people that probably won’t feel comfortable with the idea of sleeping in a room where everyone can see them but the alternative is, well, costly.

A studio for two people, the cheapest room available, will set you back $550 while a junior suite for three people will cost you $700 per night.

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