This is probably the first and only time you’ll see inside a jet engine when it’s running

  • A YouTuber built a jet engine with a clear casing
  • He managed to capture footage showing what happens inside the engine when its running
  • It offered a never-before-seen view for many 

Published on Jul 10, 2024 at 2:40 AM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on Jul 10, 2024 at 1:36 PM (UTC+4)
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Cool footage captures exactly what goes on inside a jet engine when it’s running. 

We’re not going to pretend that you guys have spent any amount of time sitting around and seriously thinking about what a jet engine looks like when it’s in use. 

But, come on, admit it – you’re pretty intrigued now, aren’t you?

Thankfully, the YouTube channel Warped Perception has got your back. 

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How does a jet engine work?

YouTuber Matt Mikka, who previously put a GoPro inside a car tire to show what happens to them when the car is in motion, uses his channel to give folks a new and different side to various objects and items – such as tires and, in this instance, jet engines. 

Explaining that he uses the engines in many of his ‘extreme’ projects, Matt says he decided to build one that had a special clear-casing body so we could all see what goes on in there. 

After assembling it with impressive ease and speed, Matt sets about balancing the engine before explaining that they run on something known as a Brayton Cycle. 

“A Brayton Cycle is simply, compression, combustion, expansion, equals volume,” he adds. 

“Overall, the way these jet engines work is pretty simple.

“The air enters the intake and gets compressed by the compressor. 

“That compressed air moves through the stator into the combustor where it gets mixed with fuel and gets ignited, creating heat and expanding gases, which come out the back of the engine and push the turbine wheel, powering the compressor to complete the cycle, as well as producing thrust.” 

People praised the ‘awesome’ footage

With that quick science lesson taught, Matt completes the build and gives it a try – admitting he feels slightly ‘nervous’. 

However, the jet engine starts up without a hitch and the clear body allows us to see exactly what goes on. 

With the engine on and air whizzing through at ridiculous speeds, the metal inside the clear casing quickly turns orange due to the heat and the whole thing is extraordinarily loud. 

It turns out people were pretty pleased with the opportunity to see inside the engine with one fan branding it ‘awesome’.

“I’ve been designing jet engines professionally for 32 years. Never seen inside one when it’s running,” he said. 

Well, now you have. 

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