Top 5 craziest robots just unveiled in China

From robots that can make your coffee to humanoid robots designed to fill human roles, these are the craziest new releases.

by | Published on 29th Aug 2023

The World Robot Conference just played host to some of the most technologically advanced robots ever created.

This year’s conference had more than 700 robots on display, from bionic butterflies to robotic arms capable of performing heart surgery.

These are the five you absolutely cannot miss.

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5. CyberDog 2

Man’s best friend just got a technological makeover.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi launched this little robot called CyberDog 2.

It’s a robotic dog that can perform tricks including backflips, and even enjoys being tickled. 

For any animal lovers with allergies, small living spaces, or who simply secretly wish they could turn their furry friends off sometimes, this sleek black machine is the answer.

Best of all? CyberDog does not come with shoe-chewing technology installed.

4. Cloud Ginger robots

These bots are so advanced in their movements, they can perform ballet dances.

Yep, created by CloudMinds, they performed a dance routine, totally synchronised with each other.

But don’t be fooled, they can do more than just pirouettes.

Their hands can move like ours, able to do anything from threading a needle to creating latte art. 

We’re kind of okay with robots taking over the world if they can create a heart in our cappuccino while doing so.

3. The H1

Unitree just launched its first humanoid robot, the H1.

Standing at 1.8 meters tall, this impressively powerful robot weighs only 47kgs.

What makes this robot so noteworthy is its movement capabilities.

It can move over 1.5m per second.

It’s also able to recover stability after being knocked or kicked, even sidestepping if it perceives a human foot that looks ready to kick!

You can watch it in action here!

2. CyberOne robots

Xiaomi’s CyberOne is trained to read emotions.

This humanoid robot uses AI to detect 45 different types of human emotion and can recognize 85 different environmental sounds.

Designed to enhance the lives of humans, the CyberOne can both help pack away the groceries and even cheer you up after a long day.

1. EXROBOTS’s bionic robots

It was the creations by EXROBOTS that stole everyone’s attention at the conference.

Not because they looked unusual or exciting but rather because they looked so normal.

With their smooth gestures, realistic faces and soft skin, these bots are scarily human-like — they can even get goosebumps!

The company plans to put these bots to work in the service industry, from museum exhibits to childcare.

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