Video captures moment pilot is forced to make an emergency landing on a highway

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This is the moment a new pilot is forced to make an emergency landing in the middle of a highway. 

Vincent Fraser, 31, was taking his father-in-law for a ride in his propeller plane when the engine suddenly lost power. 

The pair were flying 5,500 feet above Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina when the engine stopped.

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“That’s when I noticed there was something seriously wrong,” Fraser told The Washington Post

When Frazer told his father-in-law what was happening, the man thought he was pulling a prank on him. 


“He just kind of looked at me and kind of laughed because he thought I was messing with him… he was just in disbelief,” he said. 

When the 31-year-old pilot told his father-in-law that they needed to find somewhere to make an emergency landing, he realized the seriousness of the situation. 

Watch the emergency landing by Vincent Frazer here!

Video footage taken from a GoPro camera in the cockpit of the plane shows Fraser successfully avoiding power lines, and overtaking cars to find a gap in traffic before coming down to land on a winding road.

Drivers in both directions can be seen pulling their cars to the side of the road to make room.

When he landed, he managed to pull the plane over to a shoulder on the highway, and everyone escaped without injury. 

It took Fraser less than three minutes to glide the plane to a landing spot and touch it down. 

Since the Swain County Sheriff’s Office posted the video to Facebook, it has amassed a whopping 960,000 views, leaving viewers stunned. 

“Holy moly! Can you imagine seeing it come over the top of you and landing that far ahead of you? How he made those turns is amazing,” one woman said. 

Swain County Sheriff Curtis Cochran described the landing as “outstanding”. 

“There were so many things that could have been catastrophic but they didn’t happen,” he said. 

You can watch the extended version here!


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