This brand-new super solution stops animals from jumping out in front of your car

Published on Oct 19, 2022 at 2:42 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

Last updated on Oct 21, 2022 at 1:40 PM (UTC+4)
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This brand-new super solution stops animals from jumping out in front of your car

This is the first-ever smart animal warning device that guarantees against roadkills.

There are 350 million roadkills in the US every single year, with drivers hitting deer, hares, pheasants, and even pet dogs and cats. 

Not only are they distressing, but they can also cause major damage to your car, forcing you to fork out thousands in repair costs. 

But that’s all about to change with a brand new solution just launched in the US.

Vionn Go’s revolutionary solution is a small device that you attach to the chassis of your car that sends out a warning signal to wildlife. 

The product has a built-in motion sensor that monitors the movement of your car, meaning it’s automatically activated when you start the engine. 

This means you can basically attach it and forget about it because it will turn itself on and off as needed.


When you’re on the go, the device will send out a special audio frequency to wildlife, which has proven to prevent animals from flying towards or jumping out in front of your car. 

Vionn Go says the frequency will alert animals to your car without traumatizing them. 

So, not only does it guarantee the safety of animals on the road, but also a much safer drive for you. 

In fact, Vionn Go is so confident in the device, it’s prepared to put its money where its mouth is. 

The company promises to cover any damage incurred, up to USD $5,000 if you do in fact hit wildlife with the solution in use.

An estimated 200 people die in car crashes with animals on American roads each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Until now, everyone had to take their chances when it came to animals jumping out in front of them. 

This product will be a game-changer for long road trips through the country and off-road adventures. 

There’s also no need to worry about weather conditions because the smart device will work all year round regardless of rain or snow. 

Vionn Go says its super device is powered by an internal energy source which comes with a two-year manufacturer guarantee. 

The first-ever smart animal warning device will be launched in the US this month. 

It will cost USD $249 but Vionn Go is offering it for USD $199 for a limited time.

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