Woman pays for shopping with chip in her hand

  • A woman uses a chip implanted in her hand to pay for her shopping 
  • In the clip, the woman can be seen waving her hand over the card reader before the cashier confirms the chip worked
  • However, not everyone is convinced it’s the real deal

Published on Jun 19, 2024 at 11:48 AM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on Jun 19, 2024 at 5:47 PM (UTC+4)
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A US woman says a chip implanted in her hand allows her to do everything from paying for her groceries to unlocking doors at her house. 

While most of us are happy to use advances in technology to make paying for things a bit easier – think Apple Pay or Google Wallet – not many would go down the route of Burgundy Waller who has gone ahead and had a chip implanted under her skin. 

Yep, according to Waller – who uses TikTok under the handle ChipGirlHere – she had the microchip implanted into her hand back in 2020 and it appears to have given her no problems, quite the opposite, in fact.

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Woman says the chip in her hand is ‘coolest thing ever’

In a clip she shared on social media, Waller can be seen at the counter in Whole Foods, where she tells the camera: “I’m at Whole Foods and I’m about to pay for my groceries with my hand.”

She then waves her hand over the PDQ machine before asking the cashier if it worked – when they confirm the payment went through, Waller proudly says: “That’s the coolest thing ever.”

The clip was recently posted on X, where shocked social media users couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing. 

“End times confirmed,” wrote one X user.

Another posted: “I refuse to like that. Unless it’s for medical and life or pain-saving reasons there will be no installations of anything into my body.”

Not everyone is convinced it’s legit

However, others were less convinced, with one suggesting: “It’s a chip reader in a card in her sleeve.”

A second wrote: “That’s palm biometrics, there’s no chip. It’s no different than using your fingerprint to unlock your phone.”

In another clip, Waller can be seen scanning her hand to get into her house explaining that it is also ‘used as key to unlock basically everything’.

In an attempt to hit back at those who claim she’s faking it, Waller can be seen with a bare wrist and adds: “Before you say, ‘no, you don’t’ – I got nothing up my sleeve, guys. That’s my hand.” 

She then passes her hand over the reader and the door is opened for her.

If you’re not quite ready to go ahead and get an implant into your hand – and who could blame you? – a company in China has come up with a way to pay for goods using the palm of your hand

Tech giant Tencent has launched Palm Payment, which works a little like Apple Face ID only using the unique biometric data of your palms, instead of your face. 

Sounds a lot less painful than a chip, I’ll say that. 

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