Dad builds a TANK out of wood and it actually fires

It can also rip an iconic 360-tank turn.

by | Published on 12th Dec 2022

Remember the epic Mercedes Vision AVTR and Audi Skysphere replicas made entirely out of wood? 

Now the insanely talented man behind those concept car creations has made a tank. 

And it’s actually functional.

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The tank has been modeled after the French EBR 105 Panhard, the same model that was used in WWII.

And what is almost inconceivable is what the tank used to be.


Its creator, Dao Truong Van, actually used a 16-seat Mitsubishi he found in a junkyard as its base. 

Speaking to supercarblondie.com, Mr Dao said “I started by dismantling the Mitsubishi, then I cut off the entire body to get the chassis”. 

He said the tank turret not only rotates, it also shoots. 

But if you’re waiting for it to shoot explosive shells, you might be waiting a while. 

The wooden tank fires foam bullets pushed out by two 775 motors. 

They can hit targets up to three meters away. 

Mr Dao said his mission wasn’t to create anything dangerous, he simply wanted to “simulate the function of guns”.

The Vietnamese dad said the inspiration for the build came from playing World of Tanks, which is when he noticed his “children were quite excited about tanks”. 

“I have made many wooden supercars for my kids, and I wanted to create something new,” he said. 

Mr Dao said it took him just three months to build the tank – but he committed to it as if it was a full-time job.

And it paid off too because it can also do the 360-degree’ tank turn’.

You can watch it here:

Reaction to the wooden tank has been overwhelmingly positive online. 

“Absolutely incredible craftsmanship,” one viewer said. 

“Looking at the video, I think dad’s having more fun in the model than his son is.” 

“Amazing craftsmanship, beautiful product, and it seems the plans came from a picture and your own mind – that’s mind-blowing!” another said. 

Speaking of insane tanks, have you seen Supercar Blondie taking a real life tank through a Starbucks drive-thru? 

Watch it here!



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