The world’s longest commercial aircraft is the Boeing 747-8 at 250 ft 2 in

  • Boeing has long been the producer of the world’s longest aircraft
  • The B747 was only briefly knocked out of the top spot by an Airbus
  • Now a new Boeing is set to overtake the 250 ft 2 in B747-8

Published on Jun 14, 2024 at 6:56 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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The Boeing 747-8 currently holds the title of the world’s longest commercial aircraft.

However, it’s only just in the lead.

It’s likely the 747-8 will soon be usurped by its not-yet-released sibling, the Boeing 777X.

These two beasts of the sky are only separated by a surprisingly small measurement though.

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For the most part of the past fifty years, the Boeing 747 has ruled as the longest commercial aircraft in the skies.

It was briefly knocked off its perch by an Airbus, only for the company to climb back up after releasing the Boeing 747-8.

Soon the aerospace company will launch another model with a record-breaking length.

But the difference between the two top aircraft is just 0.8m (2.6ft), the size of a Cocker Spaniel.

The history of the world’s longest commercial aircraft

The first airplanes ever made were short, between 9-20m (30-65ft).

The boom of the Jet Age saw the rise of jet-powered airliners like the Boeing 707, which was 44m (145ft) long.

Boeing revolutionized the aircraft realm and kickstarted the era of jumbo jets when it released the B747 with its iconic design and roomy interior.

It was about 70m (230ft) long, earning it the title of the world’s longest commercial aircraft.

The Boeing 747 remained the Queen of the Skies for many years, but temporarily had its crown stolen by the Airbus A340-600.

This long-range four-engine wide-body airliner took its first flight in 2001, measuring 75.7m (248ft).

But Boeing, presumably missing its shiny title, nabbed it back with the 76m (250ft) 2 Boeing 747-8 in 2010.

The battle of the Boeings

In the next 24 months, the Boeing 777X will enter service, and enter the lead in terms of airplane length.

It’s longer than the 747-8, but only by 0.8m (2.6ft).

That’s the same length as a guitar or a baseball bat.

According to Boeing, it will be the world’s largest and most efficient twin-engine jet.

Thanks to updated aerodynamics and engines, it will use 10% less fuel.

It will also be the first commercial aircraft to have folding wings.

Not only is it huge but it’s impressive, recently spotted pulling off a maneuver usually reserved for fighter jets.

How long it will retain its title of the world’s longest commercial aircraft is yet to be seen.

But as trends move away from jumbo jets and towards smaller, more efficient wide-body aircraft, it could be a while.

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