Most expensive license plates, and the crazy cars they’re attached to

Just like the luxury vehicles and supercars that wear them, these expensive license plates are prized possessions – with some costing 8 figures.

by | Published on 15th Sep 2023

To the vast majority of people, license plates are simple stamped pieces of metal with an identification number.

But for others, a rare license plate is an impressive way of flaunting their social status.

Whether it’s a show of wealth or the novelty of owning a unique asset, these are the most expensive license plates and the crazy cars they’re attached to.

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5. ‘D5’ – Dubai

Price: AED 33 million ($8.9 million)

Back in 2016, Dubai-based Indian businessman and property developer Balvinder Sahni dropped $9 million on the rare and coveted ‘D5’ license plate.

Apparently, he purchased the plate because his lucky number is 9 and ‘D’, the fourth letter, when added to five equals nine.

His swanky Rolls-Royce wears the cherished number, which he purchased at auction alongside another expensive plate costing $2.7 million.

4. ‘1’ – Abu Dhabi

Price: AED 52.2 million ($14.2 million)

In 2008, the UAE saw a Guinness World Record for the most expensive license plate (at the time) going under the hammer.

In Abu Dhabi, the prized possession was purchased by local businessman Saeed Adbul Ghaffar Khouri at a high-profile auction.

When asked why he bought the ‘1’ plate, Khouri said “I bought it because it’s the best number.”

3. ‘P7’ – Dubai

Price: AED 55 million ($14.9 million)

Dubai created a Guinness World Record of its own in April this year when the ‘P7’ number plate sold at auction for $14.9 million.

At first glance, the expensive license plate appears to contain only the number ‘7’, as the ‘P’ is shifted to one side, making the number prominent.

Since going under the hammer, the plate has since been spotted on a one-off Mansory Edition Cullinan which has a 24-carat gold leaf finish.

2. ‘F1’ – England

Price: £16.1 million ($20 million)

The ‘F1’ plate is an elite status symbol, linked to Formula One and is very rare, as only three such plates are available in the world.

In England, the extremely rare plate is owned by acclaimed British automotive designer Afzal Kahn and is placed on his stunning Bugatti Veyron SuperSport.

Rumor has it, Khan pucrhased the license plate in 2008 for $5.3 million from Essex County Council, and now it’s up for sale for $20 million.

1. ‘MM’ – California

Price: $24.3 million

The California plate ‘MM’ may not have a buyer yet, but it certainly has the potential to become the world’s most expensive license plate.

For starters, two-character license plates are rare in the US, and one with the same letters is even tougher to find, with only 35 of them reportedly in existence

Not only that, but the sale comes with a non-fungible token (NFT), which justifies its high asking price.

The digital asset is the first of its kind to be sold with a real-world DMV number plate.

For sale on the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea, the description reads “Depending on the value of ETH, this can be the most valuable plate ever sold in the world, even when adjusted for inflation (appromimately $18,583,594). 

“This plate is a trophy, the ultimate flex, and will set your car apart, no matter what you’re driving.”



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