World’s most expensive number plate costs more than a penthouse in NYC

Despite the eye-watering price tag, the world's most expensive number plate only managed to beat the previous record holder by a surprisingly narrow margin.

by | Published on 11th Apr 2023

The world’s most expensive number plate just fetched eight figures at auction in Dubai.

Not only is it more expensive than any car on sale today, it is more expensive than most things money can buy.

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The number plate in question, which simply reads ‘P7’, was part of Emirates Auction’s Most Noble Numbers charity auction.

When the gavel fell, the winning bid was AED55 million – equivalent to $14.98 million.

Despite the eye-watering price tag, the ‘P7’ number plate only managed to beat the previous record holder by a surprisingly narrow margin.

In 2008, a billionaire investor shelled out a whopping $14.3 million for the coveted ‘1’ number plate.

World’s most expensive number plate VS cars

The irony is the ‘P7’ number plate is actually more expensive than nearly any car on the planet.

When it comes to new cars, ie not including pre-owned classics, you’ve got the Bugatti La Voiture Noire at $18 million and the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail at $28 million.

The list is a bit longer if we include classics.

At the time of writing, only 29 cars have ever sold for more than $15 million at auction.

The list features a plethora of Ferraris but, amazingly, the most expensive car ever sold is a Mercedes.

A 1955 Mercedes-Benz 330 SLR sold for $142 million (!) last year.

World’s most expensive number plate VS watches

Only a handful of watches cost more than the ‘P7’ number plate.

The Jacob & Co. Billionaire is part of the list, as is this beautiful Patek Philippe pocket watch (below) designed to honor the memory of one of the brand’s most respected collectors.

It costs $24 million.

What about real estate?

Stevie Wonder’s home is currently for sale in Beverly Hills for $11 million and the huge mansion that featured in the Hollywood movie Wolf of Wall Street costs $10 million.

Both are significantly less expensive than the record-breaking number plate.

And the madness doesn’t really end if we move to the East Coast either.

A penthouse in this newly-built Manhattan building starts at a hair under $9 million.

Even Rihanna’s NYC penthouse (pictured above) is less expensive than the ‘P7’ number plate: the pop star wants $12.9 million for her SoHo loft.



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