Handbag smaller than a grain of salt sells for $63k

The world's smallest handbag is so tiny you literally need a microscope to see it.

by | Published on 30th Jun 2023

MSCHF, a fashion brand with a penchant for breaking the rules of convention, has just unveiled a super tiny handbag that’s smaller than a grain of salt.

In fact, it’s so small, you can barely see it without a microscope.

The bag was created for an auction hosted by rapper-turned-fashion director Pharrell Williams, and it actually ended up selling for a good amount of cash.

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At less than 0.03 inches (0.762 mm) wide, the world’s smallest handbag is barely visible to the naked eye.

However, a closer look through a microscope will reveal a faithful reproduction of Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo handbag.

The bag was created as a tribute to Pharrell Williams, who was recently appointed Creative Director of Louis Vuitton.

‘Normal’ LV OnTheGo (left), tiny LV OnTheGo replica (right)

When the gavel fell, people could scarcely believe what they were seeing and gasped at the final selling price.

Ready? The handbag fetched $63,750.

Now, this minuscule handbag has no real use in the real world, for obvious reasons, and you can hardly see it.

And yet, somebody was willing to spend the same amount of money some people spend on a car, or an apartment even, to get it.

This just might be the perfect example of an item people spend a lot of money on… just because they can.

As you can imagine, people all over the internet went crazy.

“But you can’t even put anything in it or carry it around just throwing money away,” one user said, using Captain Obvious-stlye sarcasm.

“The microscopic bag really got me,” another wrote.

Can’t say we disagree.



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