12-year-old boy became a millionaire after being one of the first people to invest in Bitcoin

  • Erik Finman made a bet with his parents that he’d be a millionaire by the age of 18
  • He first bought Bitcoin at the age of 12, when Bitcoin was worth roughly $12
  • His Bitcoin stack was worth $23.5 million at one point

Published on Dec 08, 2023 at 6:17 PM (UTC+4)
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12-year-old boy became a millionaire after being one of the first people to invest in Bitcoin

Several people made a lot of money with crypto in recent years but this story is a bit crazier than most.

This investor, only 12 years of age, was able to make a fortune with one bold move.

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Erik Finman’s trajectory is quite impressive, and it made him the world’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire.

In 2011, when he was only 12, Finman had already decided a traditional work pattern was something he was not interested in.

He didn’t want to go college and get a job, he wanted to do things his way.

After receiving $1,245 from his grandmother, Finman decided to invest in Bitcoin (BTC), which must’ve sounded totally crazy back then.

He bought 103 BTC back when Bitcoin was trading at around $12.

Friendly reminder, 103 BTC is worth $4.5 million at the time of writing.

But Finman went further.

Right after buying Bitcoin, he made a bet with his parents.

He told them if he managed to become a millionaire by the age of 18, he would never go back to college.

His bet paid off and Finman didn’t stop there.

After making his first million, he bought even more Bitcoin.

By 2020, Finman had accumulated 341 BTC.

His investment is currently worth $14.9 million, which is impressive.

But what’s even more shocking is the value of his Bitcoin investment at the peak of the market.

In November 2021, when Bitcoin briefly reached $69,000, his investment would’ve been worth $23.5 million.

Speaking to Business of Business, Finman said he’s no longer interested in cryptocurrency, though.

He said he’s “tired of being the Bitcoin person”, and he said most of his investments are out of crypto at the moment.

“I’ve been investing in airplanes, although Warren Buffett says that’s a terrible investment,” Finman said.

“Anything with wings I’ve been investing in, and that has made me good money.”

Warren Buffett famously lives frugally, despite being a multi-billionaire, and Finman seems to have taken a leaf out of his book.

He used to share some influencer-style images with private jets (above) or fancy cars but he doesn’t do that anymore.

These days he mostly uses his social media platforms, especially X, to promote his TedTalks rather than to flash his cash.

He even keeps his Instagram account private, with the caption “youngest Bitcoin millionaire”.

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