Move over Tesla, YangWang is unveiling two new super EVs

The battery-powered supercar has been revealed alongside the luxury off-roader U8 at CES in Las Vegas.

by | Published on 7th Jan 2023

A new brand called YangWang has hit the EV scene and is making waves. 

The brand has just launched its first model at CES in Las Vegas.

It’s a fully electric luxury off-roader called the U8 and it looks like a Land Rover Defender from the future. 

YangWang also surprised the crowd at CES by revealing the U9, a battery-powered supercar. 

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YangWang U9 supercar 

The newly launched brand from BYD – the biggest EV maker in the world – just unveiled the $145,000 electric supercar and it’s fast. 

BYD says the battery-powered U9 can go from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in just two seconds. 

The front of the supercar is defined by pronounced C-shaped LED headlights and huge air vents.

At the back, it sports a huge shark-like fin that sticks out of the vented rear windshield. 

Below the fin is an LED taillight that spans the full width of the car. 

This is no concept either, the YangWang U9 is actually a production car. 

It will be priced at $145,000 (¥1,000,000) when it launches in China.

U8 EV off-roader

The fully-electric off-roader has a huge illuminated grille, with LED headlights that blend into it. 

It also has boxy fenders and a hexagonal spare wheel cover at the bag, adding to its super angular, defined appearance. 

With more than 1,100 hp, this electric off-roader doesn’t just look good, it’s powerful too.

The U8 has a quad-motor powertrain, with each motor producing 295-322 horsepower. 

That power gets it from 0-100km/h in just three seconds. 

That’s crazy fast for a vehicle of its size. 

BYD says the U8 can pull some seriously cool maneuvers too. 

It says the SUV has crab mode, meaning it can drive sideways.

It can also reportedly do a 360-degree tank turn.

YangWang price

Both the U9 and the U8 will reportedly be priced around the USD $145,000 mark.



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