Is Swatch launching a James Bond 007 MoonSwatch?

Rumor has it Swatch may be working on an upcoming 007 MoonSwatch. And the internet is losing its mind.

by | Published on 21st Jan 2023

The Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch was all the rage in 2022 and the hype is far from over.

From celebrities to people who know very little about watches, everyone wanted a MoonSwatch.

And now rumor has it Swatch may be working on an upcoming 007 MoonSwatch.

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It all started when pictures of a 007 MoonSwatch render appeared on Instagram.

The render looks exactly like the 11 images that Swatch used to reveal the MoonSwatch.


No one knows where it came from because it’s been reposted and reshared several times.

Some say Scottish Watches original came up with the render.

But one thing is for sure: it is either an [accidental?] leak from Swatch, or if it isn’t, then it certainly gave Swatch an idea.

The inspiration comes from the Omega Seamaster 300M that Daniel Craig wore in the 2021 movie No Time to Die.

It mostly looks like any other MoonSwatch, coming in with a titanium grey + sand colorway.

But if you look closely, you can see a subtle ‘007’ logo on the dial.

It also has an extra crown located at 10 o’clock, designed to mimic the Omega’s escape valve.

The MoonSwatch retails for $250 but it can only be bought in store and it is nigh on impossible to find, which means it actually resells at a premium in the secondary market.

The 007 MoonSwatch would probably cost a bit more than that – perhaps $300 or even $350.

Mind you, it is still a lot cheaper than the ‘real’ Omega Seamaster, which retails for around $9,000.

A few days ago, Omega ambassador Daniel Craig appeared at an award show wearing a MoonSwatch.

The picture went viral and fans began formulating theories about a potential update for the MoonSwatch.

Fashion magazine Esquire cryptically asked: “Why did the former Bond go on a Mission To Neptune?”

‘Mission To Neptune’ being the official namesake of this particular MoonSwatch colorway.

Others resorted to irony, ma_genta69 on Twitter wrote: “Even Daniel Craig to wait to get his hands on the MoonSwatch”.

A cheeky reference to the MoonSwatch’s [now infamous] scarcity.

So is the 007 MoonSwatch actually happening?

We certainly hope so.



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